Soviet Sport № 2 On the roads of three continents. We love the sport. Explore: Ivan Kizimov. At the European Cup. (1969)

Newsreel №12118, 1 part, duration: 0:10:21, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gavrilova M.
Camera operators:Byalik A., Fedyaev E., Filatov I., Monglovskiy U., Ryashencev K., Khodyakov V.


1. Rally in London - Sydney. 2. Togliatti - City sports. 3. Olympic gold medalist in equestrian IM Kizimov. 4. Final Cup European Boxing.

Temporary description:

Cars "Moskvich" - members rally London-Sydney - are moving along the roads of Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Australia. Ready-made model cars "Moskvich" on the line in the shop Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant in Moscow. Lovers of sport - the workers of the Volga automobile plant in Togliatti - play volleyball at the factory stadium, participate in motorcycle races on ice, riding on bicycles, skiing. Honored Master of Sports of IM Kizim teaches children to ride on the racetrack in the city of Leningrad. Boxers of the USSR and Poland stand in the ring during a competition at the European Cup Amateur Boxing Championships in Moscow.

Reel №1

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1. Multrabota - Map indicating the rally route London - Sydney.

Cars from different countries, including the Soviet "Muscovites", before starting.

The captain of the Soviet team A.Ipatenko, race car drivers: E.Bazhenov, A.Terehin stand at the car.

Photos Soviet racers - rally participants: V.Kislyh, S.Tenisheva, U.Avva, Yu.

Lisovskogo, V.Schaveleva, E.Lifshitsa, V.Shirochenkova.

Start rally in London - drive through the British, Australian and other competitors, the start of "Muscovites" with the starting number 7, 19, 20, 98.

The participants of the rally passing through the streets of London.

Cars on the roads of Italy, passing Mont Blanc tunnel.

The participants of the rally in Bulgaria - Bulgarians welcomed the Soviet athletes viewed the Soviet machine, talk to the drivers.

Car speeding on the roads of Turkey, the country's landscapes, taken from the passage.

"Muscovites" on the roads of Afghanistan, Pakistan - removed from the top point.

Landscapes of India, taken from the vehicle.

Residents of India are along the route of the rally.

According to Bombay passes "Moskvich» № 7 with a crew of A.Ipatenko, Bazhenov, Terekhina.

A.Ipatenko tells about the last stage of the race (synchronously).

Cars on the roads of Australia.

The road in the mountains of Australia.

Landscapes of Australia, taken from the movement.

Race car at high speed on a complex route segment.

"Moskvich» № 19 with a crew of acid and Tenisheva Roads Australia.

Assembling cars "Moskvich" at the main line of the Moscow Automobile Plant named after Lenin Komsomol - different plans.

"Moskvich" in the factory building.

Rally participants visiting team car factory - factory manager Kolomnikov and members of the working group members rally to congratulate the successful completion of the competition; A.Ipatenko, V.Schavelev, S.Tenishev, E.Lifshits, V.Kislyh, A.Terehin, U.Avva , Yu.

Lisovsky, E.Bazhenov with factory workers are on the plant.

2. The streets of the city of Togliatti - passing trucks, are people, the building of the cinema "Cosmos" (winter plans).

Stadium "The Builder."

Spectators in the stands of the stadium in freezing weather.

Start racing on ice, athletes on the course - different plans.

Applaud girl fans.

The gym trains avtohavoda women's volleyball team.

Coach V.F.Egorochkin involved with volleyball team.

Automobile cyclists train on the winter road.

In the winter woods to ski and ride, adults and children.

Avtozavodtsev compete in the women's skiing.

3. Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion in the arena I.M.Kizimov equestrian school is engaged with the children of secondary school age.

Boys learn to stay in the saddle, lark - different plans.

The guys perform gymnastic exercises.

Newsreel 1954 - Speech I.Kizimova at equestrian competitions.

I.Kizimova congratulations on his victory.

In the arena on horseback I.Kizimov "ichor"-trained dressage - different plans.

Horse "dancing."

I.Kizimov in a sombrero riding a "ichor" at Sheremetyevo airport on the day of his return from Mexico City Olympic Games, where he won the championship.

I.Kizimov home viewing pictures.

Prizes and awards won I.Kizimovym.

I.Kizimov and "ichor" in the arena.

4. Hall of the Palace of Sports of the Central Lenin Stadium, the ring out party last round of the Cup of European Boxing - youth teams of the USSR and Poland.

Photographers and sports commentators in the hall.

The main prize - the Cup.

Cameraman shoots; boxers in the ring.

The panel of judges the match.

In the ring, the second middleweight boxers - R.Riskiev (USSR) and E.Hebel (Poland).

Polish coach at ringside.

Soviet coach V.Ogurenkov following the progress of the match.

The referee is the winner of the match - E.Hebela

In the ring, cruiser weight Yu.

Nesterov (USSR) and M.Vulkevich; attacking Soviet boxer, Vulkevich knocked down.

The judge is the winner of the battle - Yu.


Applauding fans.

In the ring, heavyweight boxers - Soviet and Polish boxer V.Chernyshev E.Yankovyak athlete: a few moments of the game; E.Yankovyak knocked down.

Referee stops the fight because of the obvious advantages Chernyshev.

In the ring, there are boxing team of the USSR and Poland.

The overall result of the meeting 12:10 in favor of the Soviet Union.

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