Soviet Sport № 4 Sea loves strong. The second birth Brumel. Athletes say goodbye to winter. 23rd on the football field.Well done! (1969)

Newsreel №12120, 1 part, duration: 0:10:11, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Plotnikova V.
Camera operators:Zaporizhia I. Levitan, A., J. Leonhardt, Pankin L. Fedyaev E., Filatov I. Kogan, S., R. Petrosov


1. Physical training sailors. 2. Valery Brumel workout. 3. International track and field competition. 4. The judges of football matches. 5. Muscovites meet hockey players - champions of the world.

Temporary description:

One of the sailors of the Black Sea Fleet in sports: lift weights pull the rope, run sail into the Black Sea. World record holder in high jump V. Brumel in hospital after a foot injury, trained at the stadium after discharge from the hospital, gives interviews (synchronously). International track and field competition in Moscow: Athletes compete in the shot put, long jump, high, running. Arbitrators sporting events in sports: playing soccer, handball, run the distance in the stadium. Sweden. Hockey match between the USSR and Canada in the stadium "Yuhaneskhof" in Stockholm during the World Cup and European Championship.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Warship Red Black Sea fleet at sea.

The sailors on the ship doing morning exercises.

Seaman raises the bar.

Midshipman ship L. Kubicki performs a variety of exercises with weights.

Looking sailors.

Tug of War competition.

Special relay race - the sailors and petty officers compete in sailing, climbing ropes.

Rowing competitions among sailors.

Drills on the ship - sailors at the guns.

Warship at sea.

2. Newsreel 1963 - Speech of Brumel at the stadium named after Lenin - jumps in the height of 2 meters 28 centimeters.

Applaud the fans at the stadium; B. Brumel congratulate with the victory.

B. Brumel on the podium.

Photo - B. Brumel in hospital after breaking his leg.

B. Brumel after a long break in training at the gym - running, gymnastics, exercises with a barbell.

B. Brumel trains in the high jump.

Team coach of the USSR Yu Chistyakov monitors the training athlete, give instructions B. Brumel, shows exercises.

Interview B. Brumel (synchronously).

3. Hall of the Palace of Sports in international competitions athletes.

Competitors prepare for performances.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

The final race of women at 50 meters - female athletes start, go the distance, the first American athlete finishes M. Netter.

Applauding audience.

The final race of men in the 400 meters - start; athletes in the race, finishing first D. Kem (USA), and second runner finishes Soviet A. Bratchikov.

Soviet athlete Alexander Lazarev jumps in height by 1 meter 81 centimeters.

Competition in long jump: jumps American athlete N. Tate - 7 meters 94 centimeters, long jump athlete I.Ter Soviet-Hovhannisyan - 8 feet 3 centimeters.

Competition in the shot put - speak H. Brizenik (GDR) and B. Oldfield (USA).

Soviet athlete N. Dudkin performs the triple jump - 16 meters 68 centimeters.

American athlete P. Chan performs high jump with a pole - 4 meters 90 centimeters.

Soviet athlete G. Twins jumped from sixth to a height of 5 meters 20 centimeters (a record of the USSR).

Applauding audience.

4. Landscape Black Sea coast.

Training referees football matches before the championship of the USSR - judge for a jog, at the stadium to play soccer, squeezed out, competing in running, playing handball.

Judge E. Hyarms during workouts.

E. Hyars and the other judges went on the field to judge the match between the football teams "Dynamo" (Kiev) and Torpedo (Moscow).

E. Hyarms on the field in time match.

Moments of the game - different plans.

Teams and judges are leaving the field after the game.

5. At Sheremetyevo airport to the aircraft ramp down players and coach of the Soviet Union - the world champions.

Muscovites, relatives and friends greeted msbornuyu team of the USSR.

Coach of the Chernyshev and A. Tarasov, captain V. Sergeant, hockey Ragulin, AA Firsov, and other atmosphere.

Fans in the stands at Stockholm Stadium Yuhaneshof "during the final meeting of the World Hockey Championship qualifier between the USSR and Canada.

Coach of the USSR A. Chernyshev, and AA Tarasov at the stadium during the game.

Critical moments of the game at the gates of the Soviet and Canadian teams.

The Soviet goalie Vladimir Singer at the gate.

Canadian hockey player Hendley scored a goal against the USSR team.

Playing at the gates of Canadians pervomperiode ..

I. Ramishevsky scored a goal against the Canadians.

Chanting fans in the stands.

Moments of the game of the second period.

A. Mikhailov scores.

Goals at the gate of Canadians.

Moments of the game of the third period.

Fast combination of triple play Firsova and debutant Alexander Maltsev - a goal against the Canadian national team.

Read the cameraman, photographer.

Mikhailov scored a goal against the Canadians.

Chanting fans in the stands.

Result of the match display with a 4:2 in favor of the USSR national team.

Stand Soviet and Canadian hockey players.

Captain of the USSR V. Starshinova handed World Cup and Europe.

Soviet flag over the stadium.

Soviet hockey players make a victory lap around the stadium.

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