Soviet Sport 1969 № 5 Cross Pravda. Cup - a schoolgirl. Slalom for the brave. Autographs on the ice.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Leongardt U., Fedyaev E., Kiselev V., Filatov I., Indrikson G., Maksimov L.


1. VIII All-Union Cross for the prize of the newspaper Pravda. 2. USSR Cup Gymnastics. 3. Latvian Competitions on water slalom. 4. Demonstration skaters in Moscow.

Temporary description

Opening of the final competition VIII All-Union cross for the prize of the newspaper Pravda: a parade participants; athletes at a distance; award winners cross. Cup competitions were the USSR in gymnastics: athletes AL Shabalin, L. Tourischeva, L. Burda speak at the event. L. Tourischeva handed the USSR Cup. Republican contests in water slalom in Latvia: the competitors in canoes on the water route. Demonstration at the strongest skaters of the world and Europe in Moscow at the end of World and European Championships of Figure Skating: Figure skaters of the USSR, Canada, the GDR appear on the ice; parade of skaters.

Reel №1

1. Solemn march - parade participants finals VIII All-Union cross for the prize of the newspaper Pravda in Moscow Hippodrome.

Spectators in the stands.

Running women's 200-meter-athletes on the course, leading AL Bragin, G. Sobolev and A. Kolesnikov.

First finishes L. Bragin.

A. Bragin, after the race.

Running men's 8000 meters - the athletes on the course, group leaders: AN Sviridov, L. and A. Mikitenko Nurmekivi.

First finishes L. Mikitenko.

Deputy chief editor of Pravda Stukalin presents LA Mikitenko prize.

Winner of the cross L. Mikitenko on the podium.

2. Parade gymnasts - member of competitions in the USSR Cup.

Spectators in the stands of Moscow Sports Palace.

Prize competitions - the USSR Cup.

Debutante competition Shabalin perform exercises on a log.

Watching judge the competition.

Floor Exercise performs O. Karasev.

Gymnast of Armenia Levon Ter-Ghukassian performs vault.

L. Burda performs exercises on uneven bars.

L. Turishcheva performs exercises on uneven bars.

L. Burda perform exercises on a balance beam, falling during the concert.

L. Turishcheva perform exercises on a balance beam, performs with the floor exercise.

Applauding audience.

The winner of the competition - L. Turishcheva on the podium.

L. Turishcheva handed the USSR Cup.

3. Latvian athletes - members of national competitions in water slalom before the competition.

Paddlers in the boats before the start, start water slalom on the river Amata.

Competitors in canoes pass "gate" at the site of slalom.

Kayak tips over in the water.

Athlete pulls out of the water the boat tips over.

Face the winners and competitors.

4. Figure skaters - members of the European championships and the world in the hall of the Moscow Palace before the demonstration performances.

Closeups those skaters.

Spectators in the courtroom.

Performers - Canadian figure skater D. Humphrey, Swiss skater S. Walter; dance couple from Germany Angelika and Erich Brook; skater from East Germany G. Seifert, I. Rodnina and Alexander Ulanov dance "Kalinka" (synchronous).

Parade of the skaters after the show.