Soviet Sport 1969 № 7 Young athletes. This is Sambo. Amber oars. At the World Championships. Starts in Odessa.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Petrosov R., Kogan S., Abukevichus P., Solovev N., Filatov I.


1. Sports Complex Tsahkadhzore (Armenia). 2. International Tournament in Sambo in Moscow. 3. International rowing competitions, "Amber oars in Lithuania. 4. The sixth stage of the World Championship Motocross. 5. Memorial Znamensky in Odessa.

Temporary description

Sports complex in Tsakhkadzor Armenian SSR: moments of training boxers, gymnasts, athletes, members of All-Union sports and athletics students are trained in the sports hall complex. Moments of the international tournament sambo in the Moscow Palace of Sports, rewarding the winners of the tournament. International competitions rowers Amber oars "in Trakai, Lithuania SSR, Soviet athletes award-winners. Moldavia. Moments of World Cup cross-country race in Kishinev: riders on the distance. Moments competitions Memory Znamensky in Odessa: competitors, athletes compete in running, race walking, shot-put. Parade of athletes participating in competitions.

Reel №1

1. Tsakhkadzor landscape of the valley.

The building of a sports complex in Tsakhkadzor - different plans.

Group of athletes for a run.

Coaching volleyball at the stadium.

In the gym trained wrestlers, boxers.

Preparing students for the upcoming Armenian-Union school sports - in the gym, young Armenian gymnasts train at different shells - different plans.

Team member Armenian schoolchildren G.Galstyan practicing on the uneven bars.

M.Grigoryan trains on the rail.

A.Arapetyan trainer at the gym is engaged to a young gymnast Azaryan Edik - son of Olympic champion A.Azaryana.

E.Azaryan perform exercises on horseback.

In TSAGHKADZOR pool train young masters swimming, diving.

Jump from a springboard into the water does D.Ambartsumyan.

D.Ambartsumyan out of the pool, talking to his mentor - coach L.Tarayanom.

D.Apresyan jumping jumping, talking with the coach.

Is a group of young athletes in Armenia; CU.upnye ups of children.

2. Parade participants of the International Sambo tournament with the Moscow Palace of Sports.

Judges tournament.

The final meeting Sambo lightest weight - on the carpet H.Ruzykulov Soviet fighter and champion Japan M.Kamata.

The judge is the winner of the battle - H.Ruzykulova.

Meeting heavyweights - the carpet K.Dolman (Holland) V. Tretyakov (USSR).

The winner of the battle - K.Dolman.

Applauding audience.

Presenting the winners of the competition.

Sambo on the podium.

3. Lake near the town of Trakai.

Kayaks - the Quartet on the lake.

Prize of "Amber oars."

Pass the contestants.

Olympics medalist of the USSR B.Pokatilo in the boat.

Veteran national team Ivanov is a boat to the competition.

Winner of the race takes place on the singles A.Sass.

Awarding prizes to winners in doubles twos - Bulgarian athletes.

Swim, kayak fours: women's rowing crews on the course in the rain, leading athletes LS.estva Lithuanian «Zalgiris».

Lithuanian athletes are awarded prizes, congratulations on the victory.

Women's eights race - athletes on the course in the lead and finish the first athlete from Novgorod.

Men's eights race start - rowers on the course team of the Central Club sailors bypasses the command "Zalgiris".

Team sailors - winners of the competition in the boat.

Undergo agonist, waving flags.

4. Start of the sixth stage of the World Championship Motocross near Chisinau.

Racers on a difficult track - different plans.

Lead: Czechoslovak athlete Ya.

Gomola, English rider and racer D.Banks GDR P.Fridrihs - different plans athletes on the course.

Watching fans.

First finish P.Fridrihs the second - D.Banks.

D.Banks - Chisinau stage winner on aggregate arrivals - after the finish.

5. Newsreel 1930s.:

The parade of athletes at the stadium.

A long-distance race - athletes Seraphim and George Znamenskie, other athletes on the course Znamensky finish.

Znamensky after the race.

Light a fire in honor of the traditional tournament Znamensky Stadium in Odessa.

A reporter interviews a V.Saneeva.

It takes an athlete with a spear.

Start of race walking for 20 kilometers with Soviet and foreign athletes.

V.Skvortsov jump to a height of 2 meters 18 centimeters.

N.Chizhova pushes the nucleus to the length of 19 meters 47 centimeters.

The race of men's 100 meters - the athletes on the course leader and the first Cuban athlete finishes E.Ramires.

On the podium are the strongest sprinters E.Ramires and M.Kobian.

Triple jump performs V.Saneev, the result - 16 meters 77 centimeters.

R.Klim throwing hammer at 71 meters 96 centimeters.

Participants of walking on the road, the group leader of the Soviet runner G.Agapov.

The winner of the competition G.Agapov on the podium, he was presenting the award.

Running man at 1000 meters - the athlete starts, goes the distance, and the lead V.Alanov N.Sviridov; V.Alanov finish first.

The stadium with banners are competitors.