Soviet Sport 1969 № 9 At the Games of the Soviet peoples. Gold medal rowers. Sports camp students. USSR Cup in football.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Leongardt U., Solovev N., Fedyaev E., Popova M., Tumorina R., Kogan S.


1. IX Summer Olympics unions, dedicated to 100 anniversary of Lenin's birth. 2. European Championship for rowing and canoeing. 3. Recreation sports camp students MEI society "Petrel". 4. Cup competitions of the USSR national football team.

Temporary description

Opening of the IX All-Union Summer Games of trade unions in the Central Lenin Stadium in Moscow: the parade of athletes at the stadium; moments of competitions in running, long jump, in gymnastics, rewarding the winners of sport. Moments of the European Championships in rowing and canoeing, which was held in Moscow. Vacationers sports camps, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, do exercises, play basketball, water polo, boxing, water-ski. The moments of a football match in the Cup of the USSR national football team between the "Carpathians" (Lvov) and team Sports Club of Army of Rostov-on-Don. The jury handed USSR Cup winner of the match - the team Karpaty.

Reel №1

1. Portrait of Lenin, built of colorful scarves, the stadium named after Lenin.

The parade of athletes at the Central Lenin Stadium at Luzhniki Stadium in honor of the IX All-Union Summer Olympics, dedicated to 100 anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Spectators in the stands.

Judges of the competition.

The starter gives the signal pistol.

Running women's 100 meters - athletes start, go the distance, finishing the first AL Zharkov.

A. Zharkov after the race.

In the sector for the high jump judge set the bar at a height of 181 cm.

Ready to pounce Bryntseva N. and A. Lazarev.

N. Bryntseva jumps - a bad performance.

A. Lazarev takes height 181 cm - winner of the competition.

At the height of the pole vault jumping Y. Isakov, the result of 5 meters 10 centimeters.

Running men's 10000 meters - the athletes at the start, at a distance, alternately leading AN Sviridov, A. and A. Skrypnik Nurmekivi.

First finish N.Sviridov.uchastniki Highway cycling at a distance - different plans.

The leader of cycling Yu Mikhailov at a distance and at the finish.

Yu Mikhailov after winning a bicycle race.

Gymnasts V. Kutz and L. Burda before competitions.

V. Kutz carries out exercises on uneven bars.

B. Kutsa congratulate with the victory.

L. Burda gymnast performs on the uneven bars.

Awarding the main prize of the RSFSR Games of the team, who took the first place.

Prize of the athletes Moscow (second place).

Prize of Ukraine team (3 rd place).

Over the stadium up into air balloons.

2. Participants of the European champion in rowing before the competition prepare boats launched.

Spectators in the grandstands Khimki Reservoir.

Competitions paddlers in canoes - alone at a distance of 500 meters: the athletes on the course, a Soviet athlete Tishchenko bypasses the athlete from Romania A. Venenesku and the first finish.

Applauding the fans.

Tishchenko on the podium.

Launch a canoe-two: a canoe on a distance, the first Romanian rowers finish.

Romanian rowers and Soviet athletes: I. Patzaichin, Kovalev - on the podium.

Start and go the distance paddlers in canoes-twos.

The lead and finish first Soviet rowers A. Shaporenko and V. Morozov.

A. Shaporenko and Morozov in a kayak after the finish.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

Start and women's kayak floating-fours, finish first Soviet athlete who won the title of champions of Europe.

On the podium with medals and flowers are athletes of the Soviet national team rowers, who won first place in the team standings.

3. Morning fizzaryadka students of the Moscow Energy Institute at the open area recreational and sports camp in Alushta.

Students play volleyball camp at the site.

Classes of students in the boxing section.

Section Leader Boxing - Student MEI A. Pilyugin engaged with students.

In the basin of the camp trained team of water polo players.

Masters of Sport: V. Sobchenko goalkeeper and striker Vladimir Rogachev during training.

Team coach water polo players, honored master of sports and VA Kuznetsov directs training of students.

On the open area the master of sports Khokhlov involved with a group of Sambo.

Students try to wrestling techniques.

Swims a girl.

Closeups those girls on the beach.

The young man water skiing.

4. Participants in the final match of the Cup of the USSR national football team - team players "Karpaty" (Lviv), the players SKA (Rostov-on-Don) and the team of judges headed by K. Kruashvili - on the field at Luzhniki Stadium.

Fans in the stands.

Tense moments of the game at the gates of both teams - different plans.

SKA Zinchenko footballer scores a goal against Karpaty.

Fans chant "Good!".

Moments of the game - different plans.

Goalkeeper Karpaty Turpak reflected attack Rostovites.

Tense moments of the game at the gates of SKA.

Striker Karpaty Likhachev scored a goal against the enemy.

Scoreboard with a score of the game "1:1".

Footballer "Carpathians" Bulgakov scored the second goal of the gate SKA.

Fans in the stands shouting "Well done!"

Footballers Karpaty handed the USSR Cup.

Footballers kiss the cup, pass it to each other.

Footballers Karpaty make a victory lap around the stadium.