Soviet Sport 1969 № 10 Sporting family. Field hockey. On a mountain river. Our athletes abroad.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Kogan S., Gobatskiy V., Novickiy V., Koroev H.


1. Gymnast and teacher A. Azarian. 2. 1st All-Union competition field hockey. 3. Competitions Technology boating in canoes. 4. Modern Pentathlon World Championships in Hungary. 5. World Cup and European Weightlifting Championships in Poland.

Temporary description

World champion in gymnastics, the head of the Yerevan School of A. Azarian gym doing exercises on the rings, deals with school pupils. Son of A. Azarian - E. Azarian perform exercises on the uneven bars. Moments of the first all-union competition for field hockey in the city of Voronezh, rewarding the winners of games - the teams "Dynamo" (Moscow). Competitions canoeists on the Cup of the Central Council for Tourism: the crews rowing overcome obstacles on the river Great Zelenchuk. Hungary. Pentathlon World Championships in Budapest: Athletes jump on horses at the racetrack, shooting at a target, Vechta on swords, competing in swimming, running. Poland. World Cup and European Weightlifting Championships in Warsaw: Athletes raise rods on the platform.

Reel №1

1. Sports awards won at various competitions gymnast Albert Azaryan.

Statement A. Azarian at competitions in gymnastics - performs exercises on the rings; performs "cross Azarian.

Applauding audience.

A. Azarian congratulate with the victory.

A. Azarian and son Edicom passes on Fountain Square in Yerevan.

A group of children in the classroom to the gym at Yerevan school gym, led by A. Azarian.

Edward Azarian trains on the bars under the leadership of A. Azarian.

Gymnast M. Grigoryan performs exercises on the crossbar.

K. Rostomyan gymnast performs exercises on a log.

Eduard Azarian trains under the guidance of his father on the rings; work out "cross Azarian.

Certificate of Merit champion school.

2. Voronezh sports fans read the poster the first all-union competition field hockey.

Ice hockey players at the stadium before the game.

Team coach SKA (Sverdlovsk), Malakhov and coach the team in Moscow Dynamo Trofimov with their athletes before the match.

Spectators at the stadium.

Flags sports society "Dynamo" and SKA (Sverdlovsk).

Moments of the game - different plans.

Footballers Dynamo score a goal in the opponent's goal.

At the stadium there are soccer players "Dinamo" - winners of the competition.

3. Mountain landscape of the Central Caucasus.

Tent camp near the village Anhyz on the river Great Zelenchuk.

Athletes prepare boats and equipment for the upcoming competitions in engineering boating on the Cup of the Central Council for Tourism.

The rapid flow of the river Great Zelenchuk.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

Athletes to start kayaking, slalom pass route - different plans.

Athletes pulled out of the water the boat tips over.

Distance runs kayak athletes Leningrad Zhukov and Lebedev.

Working judges of the competition.

Competitions mixed crew - at a distance of Kiev athletes Vashchenko O. and B. petunias.

Fans are running along the shore, watching the competitions.

O. Vashchenko and S. Petunova congratulate with the victory.

Standing athletes Ukrainian team - winners of the competition.

O. Vashchenko keeps Cup over his head, sends his team members.

Athletes pass each other the Cup.

4. Parade participants of the World Championship in modern pentathlon.

Standing team of athletes from around the world.

Competition on the first sight pentathlon - riding.

Different plans for performances of athletes - a rider on a horse overcomes an obstacle, the rider falls off his horse.

Hungarian sportsman A. Baltsem on his horse goes the distance with no penalty points - from Rapid.

Soviet Boris Onishchenko pyatiborets on his horse overcomes obstacles with no penalties.

The second type Pentathlon - Fencing.

Athletes Vechta.

Compete in fencing epee AB Onishchenko with his opponent.

AB Onishchenko - winner of the match.

The third stage of the competition - the firing of the gun.

Shoots B. Onishchenko.

Target AB Onishchenko.

The fourth kind of competition - swimming 300 meters.

Athletes at a distance in the pool by BA and AA Onishchenko Baltsem at a distance.

The fifth stage of the competition - athletics cross-country.

Athletes at a distance, the first finish A. Baltsem, the second - B. Onishchenko.

Read the press photographers.

A. Baltsem congratulations on his victory in the pentathlon.

On the podium are the Soviet athletes won the team competition.

5. Parade weightlifters - participants of the championship of the world and Europe.

Fans in the stands.

Photo shoot, and TV reporters.

On the platform stands a Soviet weightlifter flyweight weight W. Krischishin.

B. Krischishin, who won a triathlon on the podium with gold medals of world and European champion.

Applauding the fans.

On the platform serves weightlifter welterweight V. competition.

B. Kurentsov on the podium, he handed a medal.

Performs the first heavy weight lifter R. Bednarsi (USA).

Soviet weightlifter heavyweight Ya Talts takes a push rod weighing 212.5 kilograms - a new world record.

Applauding the fans.

J. Talts on the podium, he handed gold medals in world and European champion.