Soviet Sport 1969 № 12 Young talents. Our athletes abroad. For the prize of "Izvestia".

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Danshin N., Sarancev A., Leongardt U., Serov G., Fedyaev E.


1. The young gymnast Olga Korbut. 2. Young champion of the world Galima Shugurova. 3. Marathon swim in flippers. 4. World Fencing Championship. 5. Hockey game of the USSR - Sweden Prize in Izvestia.

Temporary description

Belarus. Gymnast O. Korbut goes with her friends on the street, Grodno, working with a trainer RI Knish in the gym, doing exercises on a log. World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, a student of Grade 9 school in Omsk Shugurova engaged in the class in class and delivers with a rope competitions, talks with his coach GP Gorenkova. France. Marathon swim fins athletes in 15 countries on the river Marne. Cuba. World Fencing Championships in Havana: Soviet fencer E. Novikova trains before the performance; moments fighting championship. Moments of the match between hockey teams of the USSR and Sweden in an international tournament for the prize of the newspaper "Izvestia". Soviet hockey players B. elders and Firsov have the prize of the newspaper - Tula samovar.

Reel №1

1. Address gymnasts O. Korbut at an international match in gymnastics between the USSR and Japan.

O. Korbut gives autographs to fans.

O. Korbut and her friends marched through the streets of Grodno.

O. Korbut on training in the gym.

Honored trainer of the USSR RI Knish talks with his vospitannitsam; directs training O. Korbut.

O. Korbut fulfills challenging exercises on uneven bars and balance beam.

O. Korbut performs a somersault on the beam.

2. Student of Grade 9, the gymnast G. Shugurova a lesson in class.

G. Shugurova other gymnasts under coach GP Gorenkova do in the gym.

G. Shugurova work out exercises with a rope.

Speech by Mr.

Shugurova at the world championships in rhythmic gymnastics in Bulgaria - performs exercises with the ball.

Applauding audience.

G. Shugurova on the podium, handing the gold medal G. Shugurova, won the championship two gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

Her friends at school congratulating Mr.

Shugurova with a victory in the competition.

3. On the River Marne swimmers - members marathon sailing in flippers are preparing to start: put on masks, fins.

Start the marathon distance at five and a half miles (10 kilometers).

Swimmers at a distance in the rain - different plans.

On the course, leading a Soviet athlete A. Krasnikov, followed him at a distance swim Italian athlete Pollonini and Soviet swimmer Vayk.

Fans on the bridge watching the swimmers, applaud.

A. Krasnikov finish first.

A. Krasnikov among fans after the race.

4. According to the hotel lobby in Havana are members of the Fencing World Championship.

Fencers are trained before the competition.

Soviet athlete E. Novikov in training.

The parade of athletes in honor of the championship.

Soviet fencer B. Sidyak and Hungarian athlete J. Kalmar ready to march.

On the dais are fighting Sidyak B. and J. Kalmar.

B. Sidyaka, who won the world title, congratulations on the victory.

Romanian fencer Drymba I. and E. Novikova preparing for a fight.

Moments of the battle between E. Novikova and I. Drymboy (both fencers fences with his left hand).

EA Novikov on the podium, her congratulations on his victory.

Soviet fencers with the cup on the podium.

Awarding the Soviet athletes.

5. Hockey players from the Soviet Union and Sweden, greet each other before the final match of the Moscow international tournament for the prize of the newspaper Izvestia.

Prizes Championships - Tula samovar.

Moments of the game the first time: the filing Kharlamov Boris Mikhailov throws the puck Swedish team, applauding the fans.

Moments of Game 2 of the second period; B. Mikhailov scored a goal against the Swedes, applauding the fans, players on the field hugging Boris Mikhailov.

Swedish ice hockey players throw the puck Soviet team.

Moments of the game 3-D period; Gusev scored a goal against the Swedish team.

Grand total match 6:2 in favor of Soviet hockey players.

Soviet and Swedish hockey players shake hands after the game.

Read the reporters.

Stand hockey team of the USSR, Vladimir Firsov elders and pass on the field with the championship-winning - big Tula samovar.