Soviet Sport 1970 № 1 Sport Club "Desna". Veteran ice fights. Young skaters. Starts skaters.

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Part 1 0:10:20

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Operators: Epifanov G., Petrosov R., Kharin O., Shafran A., Pankin L., Leongardt Yu.


1. Sport Club "Desna" Bryansk Engineering Plant. 2. Captain of the hockey team "Spartak " Boris Mayorov. 3. Coaching young figure skaters in Leningrad. 4. USSR Championship in speed skating.

Temporary description

Bryansk. Sports Complex Bryansk Engineering Works "Desna". Classes in the section of athletics. Competitions long-jump. The theme is the captain of the hockey team "Spartak" B. Maiorov. Last hockey match B. Maiorov. Head coach of "Spartacus" B. Maiorov in training, gives interviews (synchronously). Leningrad. Sports Palace "Jubilee". Skaters L. Smirnova and A. Suraykin, Aleksandrova, Yu Ovchinnikov, coach Moskvin, choreographer ED Rozhkova in training. Address L. Smirnova and A. Suraykina in international competition "Moscow skates." I. Rodnina, A. Ulanova, L. Smirnova, A. Suraykin and others on the podium. Kazakhstan. Medeu Sports Complex. USSR Championship in speed skating. On the treadmill: Yu Yumashev, V. Lavrushkin, GA Sidorova, N. Statkevich.

Reel №1

1. The city of Bryansk - panorama.

Building a sports complex "Desna".

Sculpture "Athletes with a torch"

Factory athletes to jog in the gym, boys and girls work out methods of throwing the disc athlete pushes the nucleus.

Coach B. Gnoevoy demonstrates athletes - adolescents technology barrier races.

Coaching young athletes to run hurdles.

Teenage boys train in the pole vault.

On the sixth jump champion RSFSR Youth Smirnov.

Honored coaches RSFSR V. Samoilov and G. Morozov in training with the factory athletes.

Plant Fitter B. Shkurichev on training.

Champion Games of Trade Unions, motorman of the plant Kozlov trains in the high jump.

In competitions for long jump stands LA Moiseychikova.

Record holder of the USSR LI Samotesova presents awards L. Moiseychikovoy.

Cups, pennants and other awards won by a team of sports club "Desna" - winner of the Games of Union of Trade Unions.

2. Moments hockey game involving teams of "Spartacus" and team captain Boris Mayorov.

B. Major with cups in their hands makes a victory lap after winning the match.

Chanting fans.

Farewell Boris Mayorov hockey game - a few snippets of the game.

B. Mayorov presented with flowers, fans shake B. Mayorov hand.

Hockey players sneaked B. Maiorov at the hands of the stadium.

Cups and prizes won by hockey players "Spartacus."

Closeups those players of "Spartacus."

B. Maiorov - head coach of Spartak in training with the team.

B. Maiorov watching a game of "Spartacus" at hockey game.

Moments of the game - different plans.

B. Maiorov talks about his coaching job (synchronously).

B. Maiorov overseeing the game.

3. Vasilievsky Island - winter plan.

The building of the Leningrad Palace of Sports "Jubilee."

On Ice Sports Palace train skaters USSR team.

Trains champion of the country in singles skating Aleksandrova.

Honored trainer of the USSR AI Moskvin and Yu Ovchinnikov on training.

Skaters L. Smirnova and A. Suraykin the dance class, train under the guidance of choreographer ED Rozhkova - work out the movement and plasticity.

L. Smirnova and A. Suraykin train on the ice.

E. Suraykina talking with skaters at competitions.

L. Smirnova and A. Suraykin perform at the Moscow International Tournament.

L. Smirnova and A. Suraykin, who took second place, stand on the podium next to the I. Rodnina and Alexander Ulanov.

4. Mountain landscape.

Skating rink Medeo - filmed from the top point.

Panorama of the rink during the USSR championship in speed skating.

Shoots cameraman.

Athletes preparing for competitions.

Skaters and V. Yu Yumashev Lavrushkin ready to start.

V. Yumashev and B. Lavrushkin start; athletes at a distance of 10,000 meters - the different plans.

Fans and judges at a distance.

First finish V. Lavrushkin.

B. Lavrushkin after winning the marathon.

Women's race at 500 meters: a distance T. Sidorova and N. Statkevich; first finish T. Sidorova.

T.Sidorova and other athletes on the podium.

N. Statkevich at a distance of 1500 meters and 3000 - different plans.

N. Statkevich, setting a new world record, and other konkobezhki on the podium.