Soviet Sport № 3 Golden couple. Starts athletes. Sports sled. Boxing: Soviet Union - United States. (1970)

Newsreel №12268, 1 part, duration: 0:10:21, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tulubeva Z.
Camera operators:Petrosov R., Leongardt U., Serov G., Bulatov G., Kozyrev B.,Silenko M.


1. Champions of the World Figure Skating LA Pakhomov, and AV Gorshkov. 2. International tournament athletes. 3. Leningrad luge competition. 4. Meeting boxers of the USSR and the USA.

Temporary description:

Theme is Pakhomova L. and Gorshkova. LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov in the home, to training with coach E. Tchaikovsky, stand at the European Championship in Leningrad. City of Moscow. International tournament in athletics from 11 countries in Europe. Performers are athletes: M. Sarna, H. Rosendahl, T. Bychkov, M. Lange, J. Solontseva, Yu Hanafin, J. Feld, H. Twin, R. Meissner, N. Besfamilnov, L. Hitrin. Training athletes sled. Meeting boxers USSR and the United States at the Sports Palace Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. In the ring: V. Ivanov, W. Hottorn, V. Kuznetsov, R. Lanni, NA Khromov, H. Ruiz, A. Vasyushkin, D. Daniels. Referees: A. Popechenko, V. Engibaryan.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Skaters L.Pahomova Gorshkov and home - viewing notes, a book about the art of ballet.

L.Pahomova Gorshkov and train on ice at the Luzhniki Sports Palace.

Coach E.Chaykovskaya oversees training of their students.

E.Chaykovskaya, L.Pahomova Gorshkov and talk after the workout.

Speech and L.Pahomovoy A.Gorshkova in Leningrad at the European Championship in figure skating.

E.Chaykovskaya, L.Pahomova and Gorshkov after the victory speech - laughing, waving flowers.

The audience chanted "Well done!".

2. The parade of athletes - participants of the International tournament of athletes in the Luzhniki Sports Palace.

A shot of the starting gun.

Running men's 60 meters.

To compete in the long jump prepared M.Sarna (Poland), H.Rozendal (Germany) and T.Bychkova (USSR).

M.Sarna jumps, her result 6 meters 19 centimeters (removed rocking).

Jumping T.Bychkova (removed rocking) - 1st place for the jump length of 6 meters 24 centimeters.

The judges measure the length of the jump.

Running men's 800 meters - the athletes are distance, track and field athlete from Germany F.Y.Kemper outstrips Soviet athlete V.Kolesnikova, finish first, second finish Ivanov (USSR).

Competition shot put - core push: M.Lange (Germany) - 3rd place; I.Solontseva (USSR) - 2nd place; I.Chizhova (USSR) - the first place.

Competition in the high jump with a sixth - a Soviet athlete Yu.

Hanafin jump to a height of 4 meters 80 centimeters, J. Hanafin prepares to jump to a height of 5 meters and a failed attempt to take Yu.

Hanafina height of 5 meters.

Jump to a height of 5 meters perform I.Feld (USSR) and G.Bliznetsov.

Running women's 200 meters - a distance run R.Maysner (GDR), the Soviet athletes and L.Samotesova N.Besfamilnaya.

First finish with the new European record R.Maysner.

R.Maysner congratulations on his victory.

N.Besfamilnaya smiling, won second place.

Scoreboard with results race.

Final race of women's 60 meters hurdles - athletes start, pass distance, the first Soviet athlete runs L.Hitrina.

L.Hitrina after the race.

Scoreboard with results race.

General view of the stadium during the competition athletes.

3. Competitors come with sport sled to a special sledge runs in Kavgolovo - different plans.

Sport sleds.

Athlete checks sled before the start.

Luge start, run track, finish - different plans.

4. Spectators in the stands at Luzhniki Sports Palace.

Placards with the inscription «USA - USSR» «U.S. - USSR."

The ring come teams of fighters of the USSR and the USA.

Sitting judges competitions.

Shoot photographers.

In the ring, boxing Ivanov and captain of the U.S. U.Hottorn.

U.Hottorn knocked down.

The battle is watching the American team coach P.Nappi.

Moments of battle between V.Ivanov and U.Hottornom.

Referee hits the gong.

Soviet boxer V.Popenchenko among the fans in the audience.

The referee is the winner of the battle - V. Ivanov.

V.Engibaryan referee in the ring watching the fight and B.Kuznetsova R.Lani.

Moments of battle - different plans.

The judge declares the winner fight - R.Lani.


In the ring and N.Hromov H.Ruis.

American referee stops the fight due Surkayn clear advantage N.Hromova.

The ring goes Soviet boxer heavyweight A.Vasyushkin.

American trainers in the gym.

Moments of combat and A.Vasyushkina D.Danielsa.

The judge is the winner of the battle - A.Vasyushkina.

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