Soviet Sport № 5 They fought for their homeland. Gymnast sports club. At the European Championship. Powerful records. Ahead - Mexico City. (1970)

Newsreel №12270, 1 part, duration: 0:10:20, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Venzher I.
Camera operators:Panov I., Silenko M., Reyzentul A., Popova M., Putilov Z., Petrosov R., Serov G.


. Athletes - World War II veterans. 2. Gymnast sports club "Bolshevik. " 3. European championship in table tennis. 4. National championship in weightlifting in Vilnius. 5. Preparation of players to the IX World Cup.

Temporary description:

Personnel chronicles the period of 1930, World War II: performance athletes: L. Meshkov, N. Korolev, A. Kapchinskogo, L. Kulakova; fighting a guerrilla; movement company skiers; paratroopers jump with a parachute. 1970 City of Moscow. Column Hall of the House of Unions. Meeting athletes veterans of World War II. Monument to L. Kulakov. Leningrad. Sports Club "Bolshevik". Gymnasts training under the guidance of coach B. M. Rayson. Gymnasts: G. Zaitseva, L. Kadyshev, L. Kulevskii, Kononova in the gym, at work. City of Moscow. Luzhniki. European Championships table tennis. Speakers: Z. Rudnova, I. Voshtova, S. Greenberg. Award winners. Soviet Top bar in Vilnius. Speakers: G. Ivanchenko, V. Kolotov, V. Alekseev, T. Medvedev. Mexico. Mexico City. February 1970 football match between national teams of Mexico and the USSR. Among the players: G. Kachalin, AA Paramonov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Newsreel of the 1930's:

The first Soviet champions - at a distance in the pool floats L. Meshkov, the ring stands a boxer N. Korolev, A. Kapchinsky skater at a distance, L. Kulakov, a distance ski race.

Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War:


Fighters get grenades, bullets.

On horseback rides partisan detachment.

Guerrillas laying explosives under the railroad tracks.

A. Kapichnsky and A. Korolev, as a partisan.

Passes through the streets of Leningrad Institute of Physical Education team skiers Lesgaft name.

The landing of the ski landing from an airplane.

Rides squad skiers.

Victory Salute.

Meeting athletes of the Great Patriotic War in the Hall of Columns.

Veterans hugging, kissing, talking.

The solemn meeting in the Pillared Hall - young soldiers are making in the hall military banners; veteran, knelt and kissed battle standard.

Opening at the shooting range near Moscow Dynamo of the memorial in honor of the athletes of the Great Patriotic War.

A plaque with the inscription "Here at the shooting range" Dynamo "in the early days of World War II formed a separate motorized rifle brigade of special forces troops of the NKVD, the personnel of which fought heroically at the front and rear of the enemy."

Monument to L. Kulakova in the Smolensk region.

2. Gymnast Leningrad sports club "Bolshevik", became the champion of the All-Union sports days unions are on the podium with cups in their hands, among them - T. Zaitseva, L. Kadysh, G. Kononov and E. Kulevski.

T. Zaitseva, and lab technician L. Kadysh the work of the microscope in the laboratory of the factory "Bolshevik".

Factory worker G. Kononov and E. Kulevski the work in the shop.

Gymnasium sports club "Bolshevik"; gymnasts in training.

Honored trainer of the USSR VM Raison directs training athletes, talks to LA Kadysh and T. Zaitseva, gives gymnasts tips, shows exercises.

L. Kadysh trains on a log.

T. Zaitseva fulfills floor exercise.

G. Kononov practicing on the uneven bars.

The winner of the prize "Grace" by E. Kulevski on training in the gym.

VM Raison with his pupils in the gym.

3. Central stadium named after Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium - filmed with arrivals from the Lenin Hills.

Flags of countries - participants of the European championship in table tennis.

Athena championship.

Parade participants of the championship in the gym.

Soviet athlete Z. Rudnova picks the ball before the competition.

Judge of the competition following the game.

Final Women's Singles: play tennis I. Voshtova from Czechoslovakia and Z. Rudnova - different plans.

The winner of the competition Z. Rudnova on the podium.

Z. Rudnova and S. Greenberg Competition at doubles.

Z. Rudnova and S. Greenberg, who won gold medals and the champion of Europe, after the competition.

Applauding audience.

Mixed pairs competition - for the Soviet Union played Rudnova Z. and S. Gomozkov, who won gold medals in this kind of competition.

Z. Rudnova and members of the Soviet team that won first place in the team competition, on the podium.

4. Rod rests on the platform.

Stand weightlifters - members of the USSR championship in weightlifting.

On the platform supports Mr.

Ivanchenko - raises the bar and fixes.

G. Ivanchenko, setting a new world record - 500 pounds for the average weight after the show.

Applauding the fans.

B. Kolotov raises the bar weight of 200, 5 kilograms in the clean and jerk - a new world record.

The platform goes Alekseev.

V. Alexeev takes in the bench barbell weights 216 pounds - a new world record.

V. Alexeev performs the last movement of triathlon - a push.

Closeups those fans.

Former weightlifter A. Medvedev congratulates Alekseeva with a victory - he scored a total weight of 607 kilograms of triathlon.

Read the press photographers.

Alekseev after the competition.

5. Flags of countries - participants of the World Cup in Mexico.

The draw for the football meetings: sitting members of the commission, the girl is drawing lots for the teams.

Scoreboard with a distribution meeting places.

Fragments of a football match between teams of the Soviet Union and Mexico, held at the stadium "Estadio Azteca" in February 1970.

Coaches Kachalin G. and A. Paramonov at the stadium during the preparation of Soviet players.

Fragments of the test match the Soviet national team before leaving for the championship in Mexico City.

Football team photographed at the stadium.

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