Soviet Sport 1970 № 7 Around the Kremlin. Strong, agile, skillful ... Champion becomes a coach. The prizes of the newspaper Pravda. Baltic regatta.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Operators: Petrosov R., Voroncov V., Leongardt U., Serov G.


1. Race in honor of the young people for the prize of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. 2. All-Union review of sports and the military-media work. 3. Tatyana Kravchenko - coach young gymnasts. 4. Competition for prizes athletes Pravda. 5. International Baltic Regatta.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Race in honor of the Youth Day for the prize of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. Estonia. City of Tallinn. Motocross Racing for the prize DOSAAF. Speeches athletes parachutists. The world champion in rhythmic gymnastics T. Kravchenko in training with coach MV Lisitsian, during the competition, in the classroom at the Institute of Dramatic Art (GITIS), in the classroom with young gymnasts. International athletics competitions for the prize of the newspaper "Pravda". Races at different distances. Among the athletes: H. Hofmeister, L. Bragin, Sharafutdinov, N. Sviridov. Estonia. City of Tallinn. International Baltic Regatta. Yachts in the harbor, at the start. Racing. Among the sailors: T. Pinegin, V. Knyazev, V. Vasiliev.

Reel №1

1. The Moscow Kremlin.

Participants in the traditional cycling - the athletes and the socialist countries in Moscow at the start of cycling on Red Square.

Cyclists on the road around the Kremlin: the Red Square, the Kremlin embankment, at the Manege street - different plans.

Final terms of cycling - at a distance athlete leaders CSKA and Dynamo Starkov Bykov, first finish Bykov.

2. City of Tallinn.

Participants in motorcycle racing for the prize DOSAAF pass through the streets of Tallinn.

Start first race motorbike.

Motorcycle racer on the course, the first place finish on the track and R. Meyer.

Arrival of the second group of motorbike racing, athletes in the race, finishing first Myurk Ya.

J. Myurk after arrival.

Competition skydivers DOSAAF - Athletes placed parachutes, sit on the plane.

Spinning propeller aircraft, the pilot in the cockpit.

Skydivers in the plane.

Skydivers jump from a plane, land - different plans.

3. World champion in gymnastics competitions on TV Kravchenko performs the track floor exercise with a rope "Tachanka.

TA Kravchenko and MV Lisician trainer in the gym.

The young gymnast - a student of Coach T. Kravchenko speaks at the event.

TA Kravchenko - student choreographers faculty of the State Theatrical Institute delivers credit on "The Arrangement character dance."

The student performs choreographed T. Kravchenko.

Watching members of the Examination Commission.

TA Kravchenko - Gymnastics coach children's school sports club "Iskra" on the classroom with their pupils; hosts gymnasts exam.

Gymnasts perform the exercises with a hoop, with a ribbon.

TA Kravchenko shows girls exercises with the ball.

4. The parade of Soviet and foreign athletes - participants of traditional athletic competitions for the prize of the newspaper Pravda.

Spectators at the stadium in Luzhniki.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

The final race of women at 100 meters - a distance athlete, the first finish a young Muscovite N. Besfamilnov.

Running women's 1500 meters - athletes start, go the distance, finishing the first athlete from East Germany D. Hofmeister, the second finishes Soviet athlete L. Bragin.

Running men's 5000 meters with the best stayer in Europe - the athletes on the course.

Leading Soviet athlete R. Sharafetdinov; on the distance it traverses Morozov.

In the next round leader N. Sviridov.

On the final lap race ahead and the first burst finishes R. Sharafetdinov.

5. Yachts moored in the harbor of Tallinn, near Pirita.

The participants of international regatta ready to start.

By the start of Soviet sailors are Pinegin T. and V. Knyazev.

Yachts at the start of a race.

Yacht new Olympic class Soling "in the sea.

Olympic champion T. Pinegin first finish on the yacht class Soling.

At sea, yachts "Dragon".

Yacht raise additional sails - spinnakers.

Away to the finish boat approaching Soviet athlete Anisimova and yachts athletes from East Germany - Schwarz and P. Borowski.

Prizes for winners: a class of yacht "Dragon" - P. Borowski; in class yacht "Soling" - T. Pinegin; in the class of "Star" - Vladimir Vasiliev in class "Flying Dutchman" - V. Knyazev.

Yachts in the sea.