Soviet Sport 1970 № 8 Match athletes of the USSR - the United States.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Golubchikov A., Leongardt U., Serov G.

Anouncers: Ozerov N.


Special issue dedicated newsreel was on in Leningrad IX match athletes of the USSR and the USA.

Temporary description

Leningrad. 9th athletics match between national teams of the USSR and the U.S., discus, javelin, hammer throw. Racewalking. Jumps. Running. Shot put. Among the athletes: N. Besfamilnov, V. Borzov, A. Davis, A. Lazarev, M. Walker, E. Arzhanov, N. Tate, I. Ter-Hovhannisyan, D. Moore, N. Chizhov, L. Matthews, Ivanova, VV Dudin, M. Zhelev, R. Brown, V. Gavrilov, R. Sharafetdinov.

Reel №1

1. Flies over the stadium spear.

Athlete hurls a disc.

Runners on the course.

Spectators at the stadium.

An athlete throws the hammer.

Walking race.

Competition in the triple jump - jumping athlete; Soviet athlete V. Saneev prepares to jump, triple jump serves.

Rain, puddles on the dirt track stadium.

Running women's 100 meters (rain): athletes start, go the distance, the first is the distance and finish the American champion A. Davis, the second finishes Soviet athlete N. Besfamilnov.

A. Davis after the race.

Running men's 100 meters, pulled forward and the first finish Borzov.

Borzov goes after the race.

Preparing to jump and jumping in height S. Lazarev, the result 165 centimeters.

The American athlete is trying to take the height of 165 centimeters, knocks the bar.

A. Lazarev takes height of 180 centimeters.

Running men's 110 meter hurdles - the athletes on the course, finishing the first American M. Walker.

Running men's 800 meters - the athletes will start, go the distance.

Runs ahead of the American sportsman M. Uintsenrid for him - Czechoslovak athlete AI block.

Soviet athlete E. Arzhanov pulled ahead at the finish line and finish first.

Shouting, applauding the fans.

To compete in long jump prepared N. Tate and I.Ter-Hovhannisyan.

N. Tate and I.Ter-Hovhannisyan jump in length.

American athlete Jonathan Moore jumps in length, the result of 7 meters 96 centimeters - the first place.

Judge measures the length of the jump.

I.Ter-Hovhannisyan resting after the competition.

World record holder AN Chizhov pushes the nucleus, and its result is 19 meters 17 centimeters - a new record for the match.

Nucleus pushes L. Matthews, the result of 14 meters 23 centimeters.

Applauding audience.

Face the winner of the competition N. Chizhov (first place) and Ivanov (2nd place).

Panorama of the stadium during the competition.

Running men's 3000 meters steeplechase - steeplechase: runners cross the barriers, the well with water.

In the early race leader Soviet runner R. Bitte; him flee the U.S. athletes.

By the end of the race leading champion of the Soviet Union Vladimir Dudin, after it runs the European champion Mikhail Zhelev (Bulgaria).

V. Dudin and M. Zhelev finish at the same time, the third finishes R. Beatty.

M. Zhelev, and VI Dudin and R. Bitte held after the finish.

Competition in the high jump.

Soviet athlete Gavrilov jumps, knocks down the bar.

V. Gavrilov, prepares to jump and take the height of 2 meters 11 centimeters.

American athlete R. Brown takes a height of 2 meters 14 centimeters.

Unsuccessful attempts to Gavrilova and R. Brown to take the height of 2 meters 17 centimeters.

Running men's 5000 meters - is running ahead Shparo V. (USSR), followed by fleeing American athletes, the second lowest runs Sharafetdinov R. (USSR).

At the end of the distance R. Sharafetdinov go ahead and finish first.

Men's Relay 4 to 100 meters: American and Soviet athletes in the distance - different plans.

A. Korneluk, B. Izvestin, Borzov in the distance relay.

American athletes in the lead at all stages and finish first.

Women's relay race - the American and Soviet athletes at different stages of the relay.

A. Zharkov, L. Golomazova, Nikiforov at a distance.

At the fourth stage of the relay will finish the first Soviet athlete N. Besfamilnov.

Fans in the stands shouting "Well done!".

On the field the stadium are the team of athletes of the USSR and the USA.

Placards with the results of the match "200 - 173 in favor of the Soviet Union.