Soviet Sport 1971 № 2 We are looking for talent! Call for a lesson. Starts at Kavgolovo. European Championships.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skitovich V.

Operators: Lebedev O., Reyzentul A., Leongardt U.,Serov G.


1. School of young skaters in Moscow. 2. Swimming lessons in the 94th of the Leningrad School. 3. The international ski race in Kavgolovo. 4. European Championships in speed skating for women.

Temporary description

Open Day starts under the motto "We are looking for talent" in the school for young skaters, led by L. Skoblikova. L. Skoblikova working with students of the school. Classes in swimming in the pool, gymnastics in the gym the 94th of the Leningrad School. International competitions in ski races for men and women in Kavgolovo Leningrad region. On the course Tarakanov, VN Shabalin. Leningrad. European Championship speed skating women. At the podium L. Titova, N. Statkevich.

Reel №1

1. Competitors of young skaters at the Lokomotiv stadium - different plans.

Olympic champion LA Skoblikova - head of school of young skaters at the stadium welcomed the competitors in the Open Day starts, which is held under the motto "We are looking for talent."

Girl presents the bread and salt participants.

Younger boys race by 60 meters.

L. Skoblikova oversees competitors.

Boy falls on the course.

Young athletes in the race.

L. Skoblikova presents awards to girls victorious competitions.

L. Skoblikova teaches kids to sharpen skates.

Girls sharpen skates, put on skates before going out on the ice.

L. Skoblikova skating helps girls develop the technique of speed skating - different plans.

2. Junior pupils 94th Leningrad School for the school bell run on a lesson in the pool.

In the pool under the guidance of coach O. Terentyev learn to float.

Guys are swimming in the pool - different plans.

Senior school for a lesson in the hall of the "dry" swimming perform gymnastic exercises.

Exercise does Fetisov, Irina - champion of the country's Swimming Championships.

High school students in training in the pool.

Coach oversees training, instructs students.

High school students in chemistry classes.

3. Participants in international competitions skiers at the site in Kavgolovo.

Competitors and spectators in the stand with a plan competitions.

Skiers prepare the skis before the start.

Racing men's 15 km - at the start of the Soviet skier Tarakanov, a skier from the GDR, G. Grimmer, Norwegian Groningen.

Skiers on the course.

Distance are G. Grimmer and Tarakanov.

Sports Correspondent photograph skiers.

First finishes G. Grimmer.

Women's Race 5 km: Start - Soviet athlete N. Shabalin, Czechoslovak athlete H. Shikolova, Soviet skier L. Mukhacheva.

Stopwatch "Omega".

H. Shikolova and N. Shabalin at a distance.

Viewing audience.

First finishes H. Shikolova.

H. Shikolovu congratulate with the victory.

Podium stand - H. Shikolova and L. Mukhacheva, won first place; N. Shabalin, who won 3 rd place.

Awarding the athletes.

4. Fans go to the stadium in Leningrad, where will the European championship in speed skating for women.

Playbill "European Championship in 1971.

The parade of athletes in honor of the championship.

General view of the stadium during a match skaters.

Participants of the Championship - N. Statkevich (USSR), A. Kale Deelstra (Netherlands), L. Titov (USSR) are prepared to start.

Women's race at 500 meters - L. Titova and A.Keylen-Deelstra start, go the distance, the first finish L. Titova.

Applauding audience.

L. Titova handed the gold medal.

Podium N. Statkevich - winner of the race at 1500 meters, N. Statkevich handed a medal.

Applauding audience.

On the podium winning the race for 100 meters: 1 st place - L. Titova 2 place - N. Statkevich, 3 rd place - T. Averin; athletes handed medals.

Athletes after the awarding ceremony held at the stadium.

For the race at 3000 meters preparing C. Kaiser (The Netherlands) and N. Statkevich.

Judge shoots the starting pistol, athletes will start, go the distance, the first finishes N. Statkevich.

Chanting fans in the stands.

N. Statkevich on the podium, she handed a laurel wreath and a gold medal champions of Europe.

Applauding audience.