Soviet Sport 1971 № 10 In the factory gym. International competitions. Sports bold. Powerful records.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Petrosov R., Shafran A., Puzhevich V., Grachev I., Bochkov F., Artseulov O., Silenko M., Troshkin V. P.


1. Athletic Club aircraft plant named after Dimitrov in Tbilisi. 2. International swimming competition in Minsk. 3. All-Union competition of boating equipment. 4. Meeting in Moscow, Soviet weightlifters - participants XXV World Championships in weightlifting. Statement by the Soviet weightlifters in the championship.

Temporary description

Georgia, Tbilisi. The building of a sports club aviation plant named after Dimitrov. The gym trained boxers, weightlifters, gymnasts, wrestlers. With athletes involved coaches: Z. Meshviliani, A. Bortnikov, E. Galumov, V. Klimov, S. Burjanadze. N. Dronov perform exercises on the uneven bars. Yu Mehazishvili raises the bar. The city of Minsk. International tournament swimmers of the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain. Award winners: M. Spitz, V. Sharygina, G. Prozumenschikovoy-Stepanova. Caucasus. All-Union competition for water slalom kayak on a mountain river Big Zelenchuk. Athletes float by canoe along the route in the 1000m. , At the speed of the river 16 km / hour, pass rapids, whirlpools, artificial gate. Peru, Lima. FIFA World Weightlifting Championships. On the platform weightlifters: D. Rigort, Yu Kozin, V. Kanygin, V. Alexeev. City of Moscow. Meeting at the airport command of Soviet weightlifters on his return from Peru. Alekseev gives interviews.

Reel №1

1. Tbilisi - removed from the top point.

Sports club building aircraft factory.

Factory training athletes in various sports.

Z.Meshviliani engineer directs training freestyle wrestlers.

Boxing coach A.Bortnikov coached boxing champion of the republic Petrosyan.

Boxers in training.

In the gym with barbells train weightlifters.

Coach E.Galumov oversees training.

Team member Georgia Yu.

Mehazishvili weightlifters in training.

Classes in gymnastics section.

USSR champion gymnast N.Dronova fulfills the elements on the bars.

Merited Coach of the USSR S.Burdzhanidze N.Dronovoy helps work out a new element of the program - "Rainbow".

N.Dronova trains on a log under coach V.Klimovoy.

N.Dronova crying because of a failed exercise.

V.Klimova talks to N.Dronovoy.

N.Dronova continued training on the beam.

N.Dronova other gymnasts pass on the street, the girls laugh.

2. International tournament swimmers USSR, USA and Great Britain swim men's 100 meters freestyle - at a distance swim I.Grivennikov (USSR), AD Heydenrik (USA) and other athletes.

First finish D.Heydenrik, second - I.Grivennikov.

I.Grivennikov D.Heydenrika congratulated on his victory.

Men swim butterfly stroke - world record holder, American athlete M.Spitts other swimmers in the distance.

Press conference M.Spittsa before competition.

M.Spitts first finish a race.

Swimmers on the podium, and rewarding M.Spittsa V.Sharygina.

Olympic swimming champion G.Stepanova-Prozumenshchikova preparing to swim.

Swim women's 100 meters breaststroke, finishing first-G.Stepanova Prozumenshchikova.

Applauding audience.

Awarding the prize-G.Stepanovoy Prozumenshchikova, who took first place in the competition in the 100 and 200 meters.

Athletes share icons.

3. Mountain landscape of the North Caucasus.

Competition for water tourism on the mountain river Big Zelenchuk: athletes canoe-twos are difficult trails Rowing - different plans.

Lithuanian athletes Orlovas Baltusis and goes the distance.

Leningrad rowers Borozdin Gontar trails and slalom.

Start mixed crews of rowers, canoe on the course - different plans.

Viewing audience.

Latvian crew Stavro and Zusha on the course with the athletes boat flips, athletes swim, holding the boat.

Awarding of the winners - the prize awarded Rigans Stavro and Zouche, who took first place on the sum of the two launches, award winners are among the male crews and Borozdin Gontar.

4. Meeting at the airport in Moscow, Soviet weightlifters, who returned from Peru, where there was a world championship in weightlifting.

Poster "Cordial greetings Vasily Alexeyev strong person."

V.Alekseev interviewed.

Greeters V.Alekseevu presented with flowers.

Girls presented V.Alekseevu cake decorated with chocolate bar.

Standing Soviet weightlifters.

Team captain V.Alekseev speech.

Soviet weightlifters welcomers to pass across the field airfield.

Street of the city of Lima.

Opening of the XXV World Championships in weightlifting hall "San Augustine": Parade weightlifters - competitors.

Playing weightlifters Poland, East Germany, USA, Sweden, Austria, Japan, and Finland.

Speech Soviet weightlifters V.Kanygina, D.Rigerta, Yu.


Cameraman shoots.

Rod pushes V.Alekseev.