Soviet Sport № 12 Scala Khergiani. Swimming lesson. Golden debut. Moscow skates. (1971)

Newsreel №12419, 1 part, duration: 0:10:12, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kulagina K.
Camera operators:Petrosov R., Skorobogatova V., Stepanov K., Mikhaylov L., Leongardt U.


1. V USSR championship of rock climbing. 2. Swimming lesson at a Moscow school. 3. XV International Rally "tour of Europe. " 4. International figure skating tournament "Moscow skates.

Temporary description:

Newsreel: USSR champion in mountain climbing, sports master M. Khergiani rises to the cliff. (M. Khergiani killed in the Alps in Italy). Rock the M. Khergiani in the Crimea. All-Union Championship climbing. On the rock climbers ascend Khergiani N. Novikova, V. Markelov. Handing N. Novikova, and V. Markelov gold medal champions of the USSR. Swimming lessons in the pool one of the schools Timiryazevsky district of Moscow. Lessons are coaches and T. Chikiryakina Kharitonenkov. Meeting with school athletes swimmers L. Meshkov, and S. Belitz-Cheymanom. Germany, Erbach city. Start the XV International rally Tour of Europe. Racers in the distance, passing through the territory of 16 countries at the finish. City of Moscow. International figure skating tournament "Moscow skates." Performers are skaters: S. Chetverukhin, LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov, LA Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, and others.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Snow-capped mountains.

Snow cover on the rock climbers go.

Newsreel 1960s.:

USSR champion M.Hergiani climber ascends the rock.

M.Hergiani congratulate triumphant ascent.

Photo M.Hergiani, who was tragically killed in 1969 in the Dolomites in Italy.

Panorama of the rock in Crimea, named for Khergiani.

At the foot of the rock climbers are - members of the USSR championship V climbing.

Are foreign climbers - guests championship.

Individual competition climbers on the rock Khergiani - master of sports N.Novikova up and down the 60-meter track.

On route 60 meters champion in 1970 V.Markelov - up and down.

V.Markelova congratulations on his victory.

V.Markelovu N.Novikovoy and awarded gold medals.

2. Children go to school № 849 Timiryazevsky district of Moscow.

School children walk down a corridor in the school pool.

Children on the warm-up.

T.V.Chikiryakina swimming coach teaches primary school students.

Children at the pool and the water is repeated for coach traffic.

Coach V.Haritonenko involved with a group of boys - children doing special exercises in the gym.

School swimming competition.

Swimming champion and L.Meshkov S.Belits-Gaiman visiting young swimmers of school № 849.

L.Meshkov awarding badges "I know how to swim," young athletes.

Children with rubber circles swim in the pool.

3. Preparation for the start of the XV International Rally "Tour of Europe" in Erbach (Germany) - are all over the car, the crew to view the map route.

Car "Moskvich" and "Lada - Lada" on the area before starting.

Soviet crews are preparing for the launch.

Removes photojournalist.

Booting the machine foreign companies.

Cars in the distance.

Soviet racers K.Girdauskas E.Lifshits and driving their cars.

Multrabota - Map Route rally.

Arrival of the rally in Moscow.

Leading Soviet athletes and racers of Germany out of their cars registered.

Cars at a distance - different plans.

Machine finish in the West German town of Travemünde.

Passing the winners in the individual competition - racing drivers from Germany and K.Valdner G.Fogt a car "Oppel."

G.Valdner G.Fogt and drinking champagne.

Finish, finishing second, Soviet and race drivers K.Girdauskas U.Madrevits.

Soviet athletes who won the top prize in the team competition, awarded the Gold and Silver Cups races.

The winners are in their cars.

Are the cars "Lada".

4. On the ice, the Luzhniki Sports Palace dance skaters.

Are members of the Moscow International figure skating tournament "Moscow skates" - skaters from Poland, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Romania, the Soviet Union, the 12-year-old skater from GDR B.Vunderlih.

Judges tournament.

B.Vunderlih acts.

Applauding audience.

Japanese skater performs M.Sano.

Acts USSR champion S.Chetveruhin.

Performs dance couple from France and AA-K.Volfer R.Mars.

Soviet skaters L.Pahomova Gorshkov and dancing Argentine tango.

Playing Soviet skaters L.Belousova and O.Protopopov.

Applauding audience.

Applaud L.Pahomova and Gorshkov.

L.Belousova O.Protopopov bows and after the show.

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