Around the USSR 1971 № 79 USSR 1966-1970

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.


Panoramic Christmas newsreel about the achievements of the USSR during the 8th Five-Year Plan 1966-1970 New Year address .: LI Brezhnev, the work of industrial enterprises, agriculture, science, improvement of living conditions of Soviet people.

Sectors of the economy | New Year

Reel №1

December 31, 1970.

Night, Moscow Christmas decorations and lights.

New Year's address General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and the Soviet people (synchronously).

Types of Moscow at night.

Map of the USSR. Cutting staff, new housing estates in the new Soviet cities.

People on the streets of new towns.

Tower of power lines.

The installer goes through the wires.

Large-scale hydroelectric power shots.

Hydropower facilities, construction, dam.

Iron and Steel Works, melting steel.

Steelmakers in the open-hearth furnaces at the controls.

Molten steel is poured into vats, molded on mechanized lines.

Oil production in Western Siberia.

Mechanisms of the rig.

Helicopter transfers links pipeline.

The pipeline is laid.

Oil Terminal.

Chemical Plant, the production of synthetic fabrics.

Workers for spinning machines with synthetic reels.

Shoppers at the mall shelves with shoes.

Salesmen and shopper department tissues.

Large-scale frames harvesting wheat.

Harvesters in the field, the grain is poured into trucks.

Cotton harvest.

Cotton harvesters, growers at work.

Machine-Building Plant.

Tractors and farm machinery in the shops and on the factory parking lot.

Freight train transports tractors.

Livestock plant, cows in stalls.

Milk pouring, poured into bottles on the conveyor.

Model new homes in the village, a model interior.

Medical school, students in the audience.

Students in the library.

The book with the works of Lenin (large).

Scientists in the laboratory.

Soviet aircraft, missiles, "Lunokhod-1".

Christmas lights in the night Moscow.

New Year's address General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and the Soviet people (synchronously).

Cutting staff: workers at enterprises of different sectors of the economy.


Leonid Brezhnev


Moscow USSR