Enisei River's Meridian 1985 № 1

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Kustov V.

Operators: Galaganov V., Ermolin Yu., Kustov B.

Text writers: Zadereev S.


1. "The third floor of the Yenisei." 2. "In the tradition of Alexei Stakhanov." 3. "Ship in childhood." 4. "Holiday Art".

Reel №1

1. The third floor of the Yenisei.

Dam hydroelectric Mainskaya.

Construction works.

Trucks with banners.

The foreman of carpenters, concrete workers D.Sergeev.

VV Lebedev Cosmonaut congratulates workers.

Loading stones.

Veteran Siberian gidrostroeniya M.Michkavsky.

View of the dam from the water.

Clear stones in the Yenisei.

VV Lebedev cuts the tape.

Participants of the rally.

2. According to the tradition of Alexei Stakhanov.

Night work in Borodino coal mine.

Machinist excavator bucket V.Ovtushko.


Tells N.S.Korbutov, snowing.

Coal mining.

Loading of coal in cars.

Dispatched freight train.

3. Ship in childhood.

Meeting Igarka builders at the Krasnoyarsk river station.

The station building.

The captain of the ship.

People embrace on the deck.

The ship departs from the wharf.

The crew in the cockpit.

People communicate on the deck.

Photo under a magnifying glass.

The ship on the Yenisei.

Girls at the side.


The collection of signatures.

Meet the authors, "We are from Igarka" youth.

View from the boat.

Passengers on the deck.

The river is the tug.

Monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War in Igarka.

Laying flowers.

Memorial column of the 50th anniversary of the city.

Above the street flies the aircraft.

Collect boards in a pile.

Inspection of the inner city.

Tells G.F.Shamov.

View of the pier from the boat, a farewell to the city.

The nose of the ship.

Children are on the banks of fir garlands.

Night bonfire.

4. Holiday art.

Ballerina on stage.

Man glues playbill.

Meet the artists of Moscow Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet; present at the meeting and L.I.Semenyaka M.L.Lavrovsky.

People on the bus.

Artists on tour around Krasnoyarsk.

It's raining.

Classes in Ballet class at the teacher M.T.Semenovoy. M.L.Lavrovsky.

People crowd at the entrance to the theater.

L.I.Semenyaka ready for action.

A fragment of the ballet "Swan Lake", and soloed L.I.Semenyaka A.Yu.


Curtain closes.

The applause of spectators.

The artists behind the scenes.

Artists come to pay homage.


VV Lebedev - Soviet cosmonaut and scientist, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Lavrovskii ML - Soviet ballet dancer, ballet master, choreographer, teacher, actor, People's Artist of the USSR.
Semenyaka LI - Soviet ballet dancer, ballet master, choreographer, teacher, actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR.
Bogatyrev Yu - Soviet ballet dancer, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
MT Semenova - Soviet ballet dancer, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.


Krasnoyarsk Territory

Construction; Industry; Ballet