Soviet Sport № 4 Well done, Olympians! Factory Sports Club. Agility wins. Grace and plastic. (1972)

Newsreel №12548, 1 part, duration: 0:09:37, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Skitovich V.
Camera operators:Leongardt U., Serov G., Vinogradskiy I., Luchinin O.


1. Awarding of Olympians in the Kremlin. 2. Factory Sports Club "Bolshevik. " 3. All-Union Judo Tournament. 4. Demonstration performances of gymnasts - International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Temporary description:

1syuzh. - Awarding ceremony in the Kremlin athletes, winners of the Olympic Games in Sapporo. 2syuzh. - Sports Palace in Leningrad sports club "Bolshevik": a friendly game of handball. Factory swimming pool, volleyball, classes weightlifters. 3syuzh. Moscow. All-Union tournament in judo. 4syuzh. - Points of gymnastics in the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Grand opening of the XI Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo.

Fragments of the speeches of athletes at the Olympics - luge racing, skier jumps off a ramp, runs a skater, skaters dance; biathlete at a distance, play hockey, Soviet athletes on the podium.

In the Kremlin, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR VP Ruben presents awards athletes - Olympians: Order of Lenin for skiers G. Kulakov and B. Vedenina; Red Banner of Labor VI coaches Kamensky, P. Kolchin.

Coaches AV Tarasov, and AI Chernyshev among the awardees are sitting in the hall.

VP Ruben presents awards hockey players A. Firsov, V. Tretyakov.

2. Friendly match in handball at the Sports Palace in Leningrad sports club "Bolshevik" - plays a team sport club "Bolshevik" from the Latvian team.

Children learn to swim in the swimming pool sports club.

Swimming coach, master of sports T. Makeev deals with the young swimmers.

Coaching women's volleyball team sports club.

Master of sports L. Epstein trains weightlifters.

Trained weightlifter E. Smirnov - world-class athlete.

L. Epstein directs the athlete.

Trained master of sports in weightlifting, a locksmith Zhukov.

Train weightlifters.

Sports club building factory "Bolshevik".

3. According to an ancient ritual on the mat in the Moscow Palace of weightlifting go without shoes judges Union competitions in judo bow.

Serve the average weight of wrestlers Bondarenko (Kyiv) and G. Gogolauri (Tbilisi).

Winner of the meeting - G. Gogolauri.

Speakers judo lightweight - AS Suslin (Leningrad) and S. Melnichenko (Kiev).

Leg fighters during the fight.

Watching fans.

Moments of struggle - cast - catch it, throw across the chest.

The winner of the bout - AS Suslin.

S. Suslin and other athletes on the podium.

4. Demonstration performances at the Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky gymnasts - International Tournament in Rhythmic gymnastics:'s group of gymnasts, Hungarian gymnast M. Bogarash performs exercises with the tape; champion Bulgaria M. Klingerova performs exercises with a hoop, champion of the USSR, Shugurova performs the track with a skipping rope , Soviet gymnast E. Karpukhina performs exercises with the ball, champion of the USSR A. Zasukhina performs floor exercise.

Applauding audience.

Participants of demonstration performances take place on the stage.

Panorama of auditorium.

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