Soviet Sport 1972 № 7 They are from Bryansk. Big Moscow ... Leading the way - the Olympics. The circle of courage.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Aslanov G., Leongardt U., Petrosov R., Serov G., Silenko M., Koroev H.


1. Factory Sports Club "Desna ". 2. Big Moscow regatta. 3. Pre-Olympic meet athletes. 4. Final World Championship Speedway.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. - Bryansk Forest. Sports Club "Desna" Bryansk Engineering Works. Presentation of letters to veterans of the plant. Job coaches club. Speech gymnasts, boxers, runners. 2 syuzh. - Great Moscow Sailing in the Silver Forest. Boats on the distance. 3 syuzh. Competitions-athletes in the Luzhniki Stadium (running, long jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin). 4 syuzh. - Final European zone World Cup motorcycling in Cherkessk (North Caucasus). Check. Finish.

Reel №1

1. Bryansk forest landscapes.

The surviving guerrilla dugout.

Monument to partisans in Bryansk.

Street Bryansk.

The bus drives past the booth labeled "Bryansk Order of the Red Banner Engineering Works."

Area of ​​the plant.

The emblem of the sports club "Desna".

A solemn meeting on the 10th anniversary of the sports club "Desna".

Veterans of the plant - the founders of the club handed gifts.

Souvenirs handed young workers - members of the club "Desna".

Awards and prizes won by the athletes of the club.

Stands with photos factory athletes - members of the sports club "Desna".

Head of the club, honored coach of the RSFSR V.Samotesov.

Master of sports in the gym A.Bazyk engaged with young gymnasts - children of employees of the plant: the boys are jumping on a trampoline, the boy climbs the rope.

Coach G.Morozov Stadium coached female athletes: athletes train in the hurdles.

Train at the stadium: Master of Sports in the discus throw T.kachurina; athlete Ivanov.

Champion Games of Soviet Peoples Kozlov talking with the coach.

Pass through the stadium, train - A.Kucheryavy runner, sprinter L.Samotesova, N.Mushta athlete.

In the high jump trains E.Koval Master of Sports.

Cyclist V.Golovachev other train on highway.

Flag Sports Club "Desna".

Show of students sports club "gum" at the name the stadium in honor of the anniversary of the club: athlete performs exercises on the log; performance of boxers, gymnasts perform exercises on horseback; competition teens on the run.

Pioneers, students and factory workers in the spectator stands of the stadium.

2. Flags of countries - participants of the Moscow Grand Regatta.

Athletes on boats, singles before the competition.

The starter waves his flag.

Final run single - rowers start, run distance, before Soviet athlete A.Timoshinin.

A.Timoshininu presenting the award.

Ready to start pairs of two.

Doubles start, go the distance.

At a distance from the GDR rowers overtaken Soviet athletes and I.Balenkov G.Korshikov, athletes finish first.

Rewarding and I.Balenkova G.Korshikova.

Prizes regatta.

To start preparing for the crews-eight.

Eight at the start.

Start and lead the distance athletes of the GDR.

At the distance of the boat catching the Soviet national team athletes GDR boats pass simultaneously finish line (photo finish set victory rowers GDR).

3. The Central Lenin Stadium.

Athletes parade in honor of the Znamensky Memorial.

Athletes from different countries before performances.

Running man at 10,000 feet - athletes on the course will finish first athlete R.Sharafetdinov Leningrad.

Fans in the stands.

Olympic champion in Mexico V.Saneev performs triple jump.

High Jump Pole Vault performs Ukrainian athlete E.Tananika.

Leningrad athlete Yu.

Tarmak congratulated on the successful performance of the Lithuanian athlete K.Shapku.

Athletes and V.Gavrilov Yu.

Tarmak jump in height with a score of 2 meters 21 centimeters.

Nucleus pushes A.Baryshnikov Leningrad - a new national record of 20 meters 54 centimeters.

World record F.Melnik throwing disc 20 meters 54 centimeters.

Olympic champion Ya.

Lusis throwing spear, sets a new world record of 93 meters 80 centimeters.

Sprinters N.Besfamilnaya, L.Zharkova G.Buharina and the stadium.

Women's relay, athletes on the course finishes N.Besfamilnaya.

Sculpture - Athlete with a torch.

Olympic Stadium in Munich.

XX Olympic Games emblem.

4. Motorcycle races on motodrome "Dombai" Cherkessk - different plans.

Biker falls on the track.

Caucasian mountains covered with snow.

Street Cherkessk, are people.

The poster of the upcoming World Cup finals on a speedway.

Athletes and racers to motodrome.

Are the team of the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Fans in the stands.

The decisive final race of the European zone World Cup Speedway - racers pass distance, the Soviet leader V.Trofimov racer.

Screaming fans in the stands.

V.Trofimov finish.

Athletes V.Trofimova congratulate the victory.

Soviet racers pass.