Soviet Sport 1972 № 10 At the XX Olympic Games.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.


Special Issue newsreel devoted XX Summer Olympics in Munich.

Temporary description

Olympic complex in Munich. Opening of the Olympics. Marathon; Kayak Slalom, archery, field hockey, equestrian, sailing. Speeches gymnasts; swimming. Rewarding athletes. Ski jumping, jogging.

Reel №1

Living in Munich, the visitors from different cities of Germany and other countries are going to the Olympic stadium.

Television tower in the city.

The new Olympic complex in Munich.

Olympic stadium, the spectators in the stands before the opening of the Olympics.

Grand opening of the XX Olympic Games in the stadium.

Passes the Soviet sports delegation, the national flag of the USSR is the Olympic champion Alexander Medved.

Spectators welcome the Soviet delegation.

Olympics athletes sneaked flag depicting the five Olympic rings.

The rise of the flag.

West German runner carries the torch G. Chang of the stadium, lights the Olympic flame.

Fire of the Olympics.

The starter gives the signal pistol.

At the stadium launch party marathon running.

Competitions in slalom on the artificial river with rapids and submerged concrete shores, specially built for competition.

Competition archers.

The target with arrows.

The game of hockey.

Equestrian Show Jumping competition.

Sailing boats on the water.

Fire of the Olympics.

Competitions in gymnastics - the room held the Soviet gymnasts, gymnast from the GDR K. Janz performs vault, Soviet gymnast O. Korbut performs exercises on uneven bars.

The audience applauded Olga Korbut won three gold medals.

T. Lazakovich gymnast performs on balance beam.

L. Turishcheva gymnast performs on the carpet.

Swimming competition in the pool.

Water-lane swimming American M. Spitz.

Sailing athletes taken underwater camera.

Men's swimming relay 4 to 100 meters freestyle relay: first the Soviet athlete finishes I. Grivennikov (Soviet team in the relay finished second).

Display with indicators of the competitions swimmers in the relay: 1 st place - M. Spitz 2 place - I. dime.

The final swim a hundred meters breaststroke at women - leading athlete from the United States K. Carr.

Soviet athlete swims G.Stepanova-Prozumenschikova.

K. Carr and finish G.Stepanova-Prozumenschikova.

Placards with the results of race.

Athletes on the podium: 1 place - K. Carr, 2 nd place - G.Stepanova-Prozumenschikova;

3 place - B. Uatfild (Australia).

Competitions in diving jumping: jumping K. Lincoln (USA), F. Kanotito (Italy), Vladimir Vasin (USSR) - from Rapid.

Raise the flag of the Soviet Union, the USA and Italy, in honor of the winners.

Vasin - 1st place; F. Kanotito - 2 nd place; C. Lincoln - 3 place on the podium.

The audience applauds.

Athletics competitions in the stadium.

The final sprint at 800 meters: running a Soviet athlete E. Arzhanov, it catches up with the American athlete D. Wattle; athletes at the finish.

Placards with the results of Race: 1 st place - D. Wattle 2 place E. Arzhanov.

Competitions women in the women's 800 meters.

On a distance run Saba N. (USSR) and H. Falk (Germany).

H. Falk finish first, second - N. Saba.

Final relay 4 by 100 meters - the athletes on the course.

The last stage of the relay: the first American athlete finishes; Soviet athlete Borzov finish second.

Athletes congratulate each other after the race.

Start the 100-meter sprinters.

Borzov at the start, at a distance at the finish.

Plans speech Borzov repeated rapid speeds.

The cameraman shoots Borzov - Olympic champion.

Final race at 200 meters - a distance athletes, among them Borzov.

Spectators stand up, scream, cheer Borzov (synchronously).

Borzov finish first.

Handing Borzov second gold medal.

Placards with the results of the race.

The audience applauds.

Fire of the Olympics.