Around the USSR 1972 № 99

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zalkind E.


1. The plot of the Nurek hydropower plant construction manager Yuri Sevenard. 2. The plot of the family Ochiauri belonging to a small nation Khevsurs in Georgia. 3. The plot of talented figure skater Irina Vorobyev schoolgirls.

Reel №1

1. The story of the construction of the Nurek hydropower plant in Tajikistan.

Artificial reservoir on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan.

Electrical Engineering, in the area of construction of power plants.

Builders at work.

Head of Construction JK Sevenard on the site.

Chronicle 1962: Yenisei.

Yuri Foreman, a graduate Sevenard on construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.

Chronicle in 1966: Egypt, the construction of the Aswan Dam.


Sevenard engineer at a construction site.

JK Sevenard directs the Nurek hydropower plant construction site, communicating with colleagues.

Worked as a welder.

Early start of the first unit.

A solemn meeting in Nurek.

Tajiks in national costumes with traditional musical instruments.

The scene under the banner of "50 years of the USSR."

Party and government officials on the scene.

Builders, locals pioneers.

Central control Nurek HPP.

Yu Sevenard symbolically turns the switch.

Nurek gives the first current.

Night, lit objects in Nurek. 2. The plot of the family Khevsurs (a dying nation of Georgia).

Southeast Georgia.

Gorge in the Caucasus mountains, creek.

Cows graze on the slopes.

Mountain valley.

Shepherd with flock of sheep.

Khevsurs Natella Ochiauri with his son on the steps in front of the house.

Tbilisi, monument to the poet Vazha Pshavela.

The statue artist George Ochiauri in the workshop.

Detached house.

Natella daughter, historian and biologist.

Honored Artist of Georgia Irakli Ochiauri in the studio, produces coinage.

Engraved panels artist.

Wedding Palace in Tbilisi.

Transport, people on the streets of the city. 3. Leningrad high school.

Schoolgirls in class crowded around Irina Vorobiev, communicate.

Train skaters Vorob'eva and Alexander Vlasov on ice.

Moscow, the Luzhniki Sports Palace.

International competition for the prize of "Moscow skates."

Skaters communicate before the competition.

Fragments of skaters from different countries.

Speech I.Vorobevoy schoolgirl and student Alexander Vlasov.

Winners Vorobyov and Vlasov on the podium receive awards.

Irina Vorobiev in school uniform among friends in the class.


Yu.K.Sevenard N.Ochiauri I.Ochiauri G.Ochiauri I.Vorobeva Vlasov


1962 1966


Tajikistan Georgia Tbilisi Leningrad Moscow

Construction; Sectors of the economy; Ethnography; Persons of arts; Figure skating