Daily News / A Chronicle of the day № 27 (1973)

Newsreel №12640, 1 part, duration: 0:10:02, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Venzher I.
Camera operators:Kuzmin V., Zaporozhskiy I., Monglovskaya G., Khavchin A., Byalik A., Kiselev A., Kiselev S., Mirumyan A., Myakishev G.


Different subjects

Temporary description:

City of Moscow. All-Union Festival of youth, a manifestation of the stadium "Dynamo". E. favor Tyazhelnikov. Present: Leonid Brezhnev, NV Podgorny, Kosygin. The construction of the Kama Automobile Plant. Harvesting grain at the farm "Glorious" in the Crimea. Elevator. City of Moscow. Indian Defense Minister D. Rama meets and talks with Kosygin. Solemn meeting of the community of Moscow, dedicated to the 29-anniversary of the Polish People's Republic. City of Moscow. Gala evening dedicated to the 80-th birthday of VV Mayakovsky. Speakers: Tikhonov, S. Narovchatov. Personnel news: Mayakovsky reading poetry. Monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky. VIII Moscow International Film Festival. Awarding prizes B. Zhalakyavyuchisu, S. Kramer, L. Staykov and other filmmakers. Present: F. Ermash, G. Lollobrigida, S. Mikhalkov.

Reel №1

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1. Union Youth Festival.

Participants of the festival held on the streets of Moscow.

The solemn demonstration at the Dynamo stadium.

Performs the first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee E. Tyazhelnikov.

At the Government's platform - Leonid Brezhnev, Nikolai V. Podgorny, Kosygin, Gromyko and others

2. The construction of the Kama Automobile Plant.

They work assemblers; is the rise of ventilation tubes.

3. Harvesting grain and delivery of grain to the state at the farm "Glorious" in the Crimea.

Combines the field.


4. Chatting Kosygin's defense minister of India D. Rama.

5. Solemn meeting the public in Moscow, devoted to 29-anniversary of the Polish People's Republic.

Speakers - Secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee Dementieva, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Soviet-Polish friendship Lobanov, Head of the Delegation of the Soviet-Polish friendship Krasko.

6. 80-year anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Newsreels: Mayakovsky with a cigarette.

Books Mayakovsky.

At the anniversary evening of the week: the poet Nikolai Tikhonov, the poet C. Narovchatov.

The people in the room listening, applauding.

The presidium pm - KT Mazurov, J. Pelshe, M. Solomentsev, Demichev.

Chronicle Careers: Mayakovsky reading poetry.

Monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky in Moscow.

7. 8th Moscow International Film Festival.


AS Bondarchuk presents gold prizes for feature films: director V. Zhalakyavyuchisu for the film "The sweet word - freedom", American director S. Kramer for the film "Oklahoma, as it is; L. Staykov Bulgarian director for the film" Love ".

Awards for short films. J. Lolobridzhida receives a gold award for a film for children "Pinocchio".

The prize is awarded S. Mikhalkov.

The closing ceremony of the festival.

Speaker Chairman of the USSR State Committee for Cinematography FT Ermash.,

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