Soviet Sport 1973 № 10 At the Olympic level. In a small town. Graces Cup challenge.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pyetyers P.

Operators: Averbukh M., Leongardt U., Serov G., Skraliveckiy S., Roozipuu H.


1. 56th European Championships in rowing. 2. European Championship in equestrian eventing. 3. Sportobschestvo "Yyud" ("Strength") in Estonia. 4. USSR Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Members of the 56 th Championship held at the stadium. Sportsmen despise a boat on the water. Boats on the distance. G. Keller. The podium Kosygin. Speech by Princess Anne at equestrian events. Distance pass Bleeker, A. Evdokimov. 2syuzh. - City. coach E. Mannik. Classes section of the wrestlers. E. Vooremaa a machine at the event. 3syuzh. - Speech of G. Shafarovoy with a hoop. Address N. Krasheninnikov, G. Shugurova. Rewarding Shugurova. Sportswomen signs autographs.

Reel №1

1. Stands and other structures of the new rowing canal in Krylatskoye.

Waving flags of the participating countries of the 56th European Championships in rowing.

Opening ceremony - held drummer; parade teams.

Athletes lower the boats on the water.

Fans in the stands.

At the rowing canal boats float-four, two-piece boats, boat-eight, single boat - different plans.

At the opening ceremony to the President of the International Rowing Federation T.Keller.

Journalist works.

T.Keller, who took part in the race veterans coming out of the boat after the competition.

Swim, boat, two and four-oar.

The government platform for the competition is watching Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin, waving his hand to athletes.

2. Competitions on equestrian steeplechase, chezu (steeplechase) second stage of triathlon.

Horsemen fall, overcoming obstacles, falling European champion Princess Anne.

Speech by Princess Anne on the first phase of Eventing - Dressage.

Applauding audience.

The guest of honor championship, President of the International Equestrian Federation, the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip at the podium.

H.Bleker distance cross pass from Germany, the Soviet Cavalryman A.Evdokimov.

Shoot photographers and cameramen.

A.Evdokimov H.Bleker trails and jumping.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh awards gold medal A.Evdokimovu.

A.Evdokimovu handed the championship trophy.

Applauding fans.

At the track are the winning team riders: Germany - 1st place; USSR - 2nd place, UK - 3rd place.

3. Haapsalu - removed from the sea.

Stone bench at the back which shows a relief portrait of Tchaikovsky, who was in Haapsalu in 1867.

The streets of the city, passing bus, car, cyclist.

Children run to the building of the new House of Sports rural society "Yyud" ("Power").

Rural athletes train in the gym.

Coach E.Myannik holds training in basketball.

Dedicated room for fighters - the carpet V.Suzi fighting champion of the USSR and other athletes.

Plumber miller building office Haapsalu, European champion in the sport buernomu E.Vooremaa the workshop constructing a new ice boat.

E.Vooremaa on the job grinds on the machine parts.

E.Vooremaa speech at the European Championships on buernomu sport in 1972.

E.Vooremaa constructs a new ice boat.

On the streets of Haapsalu passing car.

4. Participants in the USSR Cup Gymnastics stand in the hall of the new Sports Palace "Sokolniki", pioneers gymnasts presented flowers.

Cup competitions.

Gymnast performs G.Shafrova - performing exercises with a hoop.

Looks referee.

Hoop exercise does N.Krasheninnikova.

G.Shugurova gymnast performs exercises with the ball, with a ribbon.

The audience applauded.

Gymnasts on the podium.

Handing USSR Cup G.Shugurovoy.

Gymnasts give autographs to the audience.