Daily News / A Chronicle of the day 1974 № 12

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Director: Ramenskiy V.

Operators: Grezin V., Epifanov G., Sher B., Yatsun E., Popova M., Krugovykh A., Lavygin K., Brure A., Osipov I., Shmakov N., Khavchin A., Kiselev V., Kiselev S.


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Speech by Shostakovich and the First Secretary of the Union of Soviet Composers T. Khrennikov at the V Congress of Soviet Composers in the Grand Kremlin Palace. On the sidelines of the congress Khachaturian, A. Pakhmutova, R. Shchedrin. The presidium members of the party and government, and composers. Speech AN Shelepin and IV Kapitonov at a meeting of representatives of workers in Moscow in October Hall of the House of Unions on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the liberation of Hungary from Nazi invaders. April 2. The French embassy in Moscow. Brezhnev, Kosygin, Gromyko painted in the book of mourning over the death of French President Georges Pompidou. The docking of the railroad on the route Tyumen-Surgut. Writer B. Field visiting builders. Agricultural work at the farm "Fedorov" Saratov region. Trawler at sea. Fishers farm Bolshevik Latvian SSR, pour the fish out of gear. Hero of Socialist Labor, SV Ilyushin aircraft in the home environment. Hero of Socialist Labor leader Design Bureau Ilyushin GV Novozhilov speaks at a press conference on the 40 th Anniversary of the Design Bureau. Among the speakers at the press conference, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the test pilot V. Kokkinaki. Finland. City of Helsinki. Addresses Delegates at the International Conference on the Investigation of Crimes of the Chilean junta.

Reel №1

1.The Fifth Congress of Soviet Composers.

In the margins of the Great Kremlin Palace talking to delegates and guests of the Congress, among them - AI Khachaturian, AIPahmutova, R. Shchedrin and others.

The presidium of the Congress - TN Khrennikov, Shostakovich, KT Mazurov, M. Suslov, M. Solomentsev, Demichev, AI Khachaturian.

Congress opens Shostakovich.

In reporting back stands the first secretary of the Union of Composers TN Khrennikov.

2. The solemn assembly in the October Hall of dedicated 29th anniversary of the liberation of Hungary from Nazi invaders.

At the podium - Shelepin, IV Kapitonov, Soviet public figures, guests from Hungary.

At the meeting speakers - Deputy Chairman of the Central Board of the Soviet-Hungarian friendship Novozhilov, pressman Moscow plant vacuum devices Makarov, Hungarian Ambassador to the USSR.

3. The French embassy in Moscow.

Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, Gromyko signature in the book of mourning over the death of French President Georges Pompidou.

4. Docking of the railway on the route Tyumen - Surgut.

Holiday Builders.

Boris Polevoy, and other writers visiting the construction route.

5. Farm work in the farm "Fedorov" Saratov region.

6.Vesenny sat down on the farm "Kuban" Krasnodar.

Works Brigade combiner P. Matvienko.

7. Latvian fishing farm "Bolshevik".

Meeting of sea captains, the discussion of the plan the next expedition.

Technical Center farm.

Fishing trawler at sea.

Catch the fish spilled out onto the deck of the vessel network.

Unloading boxes of fish on shore.

8. 80 years of aircraft Ilyushin.

SV Ilyushin talking.

Models of aircraft "IL".

Press conference on the 40 th anniversary Ilyushin Design Bureau.

Speakers Bureau Head Hero of Socialist Labor GV Novozhilov, test pilot V. Kokkinaki.

The Il-62M in the air at the airport.

Tests transport aircraft IL-76. SV Ilyushin in the garden reading a book.

9. Finland, Helsinki - commonly.

The first session of the International Commission for the Investigation of Crimes of the Chilean military junta.

Speakers - Prime Minister of Finland K. Sorsa, widow of the President of Chile S.Alende-Hortencio Bussi de Allende, representatives of the Party of National Unity Chile.