Daily News / A Chronicle of the day 1974 № 13

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Monglovskaya G., Khavchin A., Mukhin E., Petrov P., Trocenko N., Gukasov V., Ivanyukhin S., Rozhin A., Konyagin V., Shmakov N., Vakurova A., Voroncov V., Egorov YU.


Various Subjects

Temporary description

Reception in the Kremlin NV Podgorny members of the delegation of the Liberation Committee of the Organization of African Unity, headed by the Chairman of the committee Omar Arteha Golibom. Delegate 17 Komsomol Congress mechanic village Chervona Freedom of Cherkassy region N. Prihno working in the field on a tractor. Installation of the unit at the Ust-Ilim hydroelectric plant. Agricultural work at the farm Zhdanov Chimkent region. Sheep grazing on the farm "Moscow" Mary of the Belorussian SSR. Veteran examines the sheep. Production processes at the Baltic Shipyard in Leningrad. Ore carrier "Görlitz", built for the GDR, the fall in the water. Production processes at the plant name Kirovabad Huseynov. Types of carpets. Working grow mushrooms in the state farm near Moscow, Zarechie. " Minister of Culture of the USSR EA Furtseva favor in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses at the opening of the Days of Polish Culture in the USSR. The presidium members of the Soviet government. Presentation of the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze".

Reel №1

1.When and conversation in the Kremlin, President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR NV Podgorny with a delegation of the Committee of Liberation Organisation of African Unity, headed by the chairman of the committee Omar Arteha Ghalib.

The participants drink tea, smoke.

2.Syuzhet Delegate of the 17th Congress of the Young Communist League, Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Mekhanizatorov Prihno.

MTS Chervona Sloboda village of Cherkasy region - agricultural machinery in the yard.

N.Prihno and his team are discussing plans for planting, prepare the equipment.

Storks in the nest on the roof of the house.

Tractor in a field, sowing corn.

N.Prihno passes over the field.

3.Stroitelstvo and assembly units Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station in difficult winter conditions.

Work - the builder of the Hero of Socialist Labor M.Vasilev and members of his team.

4. Spring on the virgin snow.

Melted snow banks on the river bank.

Children are the bridge to the portfolios.

State Farm Zhdanov Shymkent area.

Machine operators are preparing for the planting season - combines, bags of seed corn in the field.

Mechanic asleep grain seeder.

Harvesters in the field, sowing of grain.

5.Rost sheep on the farm "Moscow" Mary region of Turkmenistan.

Herd of sheep on distant pastures, sheep at the trough.

Shepherds at the fire.

A veterinarian inspects sheep.

6.Torzhestvenny launching Ore "Görlitz", built at the Baltic Shipyard for the GDR.

Present at the ceremony - guests of Goerlitz, the consul of the GDR in Leningrad, chairman of the trade union g.

Gerlitsa H.Krems.

Champagne bottle break on board the ship.

Ore carrier comes out of the stocks.

7.Ulitsy g.

Kirovabada - LS.

Carpet manufacturing plant on behalf Kirovabad Gusseynova.

8.Vyraschivanie mushroom farm in the suburban "district."

The staff at the research laboratory of the farm.

Split-screen - from the land of growing mushrooms.

Workers gather mushrooms, mushrooms in boxes.

9.Dni Polish culture in the USSR.

Come Polish theater actors, film, members of folk groups.

The opening ceremony in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

In the government box - K.T.Mazurov, M. A.Suslov, P.N.Demichev, M.S.Solomentsev, V.I.Dolgih, K.F.Katushev.

Speakers - E.Furtseva USSR Minister of Culture and the Deputy Minister of Culture and Art of Poland Kochmarek.

Statement by the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble "Mazowsze" (synchronous).

Members of the Polish delegation to the stage bowing to the audience.