Soviet Sport 1974 № 1 Towards the Games. Our ice squad. Sportclub "Radio. " Tournament skaters.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Krichevskiy A.

Operators: Egorov YU., Leongardt U., Serov G., Makarov V., Panin A.


1. Training of skiers and skaters Chelyabinsk before finals Spartakiad peoples of the USSR and delivery standards TRP. 2. USSR national team on hockey - tournament final for the prize of "Izvestia". 3. Riga Sports Club "Radio. " 4. Tournament skaters "Moscow skates.

Temporary description

Training skiers and skaters Chelyabinsk before the finals sport. Preliminary competition skiers. Coaching hockey team of the USSR under the leadership of coaches V. Bobrov and Kulagin BV. Opening of Moscow International Tournament "Prize Izvestia. Spectators gathered at the Palais des Sports, escorted veterans hockey team. Soviet captain Boris Mikhailov was awarded the prize of the tournament. Team USSR in training. Production processes at the production association "Radio Engineering" in Riga. Volleyball team on a training session. Training weightlifters. Employees on a ski trip. Opening in Moscow at the Luzhniki Sports Palace in the International tournament skaters "Moscow skates." Speeches skaters.

Reel №1

1. On the street in Chelyabinsk are athletes with skis.

Skiers prepare skis before training.

Training of skiers on the road in winter forest - different plans.

Coaches with a stop watch training athletes.

The Chelyabinsk rink skaters train - different plans.

Coach S.Sidorov coached athletes.

Preliminaries Chelyabinsk skiers - athletes at the start, on the course.

2. Coaches of the national team hockey and V. Bobrov B.Kulagin rink at the Sports Palace with the new members of hockey team.

Train new team players: A.Volchkov, Yu.

Lebedev, A.Bodunov, A.Volchenkov.

Hockey players Starts: A.Gusev and G.Tsygankov.

The emblem of the International tournament for the prize of "Izvestia".

Spectators in the stands at Luzhniki Sports Palace.

Solemn to coaching hockey V.Davydova, A.Firsova and A.Ragulina - teammates say goodbye to hockey players, carried in the arms of the podium, applauding fans.

The field consists of participants in the final match of the tournament - teams of the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

Critical moments of the game - different plans.

V. Bobrov and B.Kulagin monitor progress of the game.

Screaming fans in the stands.

Board with the results of matches.

Soviet team awarded top prize.

Empty stands the Palace of Sports.

Soviet hockey players train before the World Cup in 1974 in Finland.

Coaches V. Bobrov and B.Kulagin talking with players on the rink Sports Palace.

3. The city of Riga - removed from the Gulf of Riga.

Panorama on the roofs of old buildings.

On the streets of Riga is montazhnitsa production association "Radio" Mara Garoza.

Building production association "Radio".

Production processes in the plant.

M.Garoza in the workplace collects radio.

The products manufactured by the union.

Awards won by the factory athletes.

M.Garoza conducting exercises in the production plant.

Factory volleyball team is training in the gym society "Radio".

Training volleyball coach leads Z.Grigolyunovich.

In section weightlifting trained locksmith association, champion of the republic, weightlifter I.Terauds.

Coach O. Bergman directs athlete.

O.Bergman trains workers union, heavyweight gold medalist Latvia Junior V.Lindbergsa.

Union workers out of the building after the end of the work shift.

Workers Association "Radio" on the sports-based ski.

4. Parade of skaters - members of the International tournament "Moscow skates": are athletes Hungary, East Germany, West Germany, Canada, Poland and other countries.

Applauding audience.

Skaters before the competition, including the coach and her student E.Chaykovskaya N.Linichuk.

In pair skating, serving American skaters and T.Babilonia R.Gardner.

Debut performance of young skaters from the GDR Whip and Kathy Schubert.

Playing Soviet skaters L. Smirnova and A.Ulanov.

Applauding audience.

Cameraman shoots.

Speech Soviet dancing couple - G.Karponosova N.Linichuk with a new partner.

E.Chaykovskaya oversees the performance of the pupils.

N.Linichuk G.Karponosov and on the podium, he handed the gold medals of the tournament.