Soviet Sport 1974 № 3 Sportclub Moskvich. Match of athletes: USSR-USA. At the World Championships.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Prudnikov M., Silenko M., Leongardt U., Serov G., Egorov YU., Lebedev O.


1. Athletic Club Moskvich Moscow Automobile Factory of the Lenin Komsomol. 2. Match athletes of the USSR and the USA. 3. World Biathlon Championship.

Temporary description

Production processes in the shops of the Moscow plant them. Lenin Komsomol. Opening of the new Palace of Sports for the workers of car. Coaching swimmers in the pool of the Palace of Sports, training swimmers, divers. Classes athletes Automobile in Gym: Training runners, jumpers, basketball players, volleyball players. International athletics match athletes the United States and the Soviet Union in the Moscow Manege them. Znamensky. Contest the Biathlon World Championships near Minsk in the village Raubichy. Biathlon competition in the relay 4 to 7, 5 km. Spectators welcome the winners - Soviet athletes.

Reel №1

1. Production of cars "Moskvich" at the plant of the Lenin Komsomol.

Production processes in the assembly shop.

The building of the new Palace of Sports for the workers of car.

The chief architect of the plant Regents Yu talks about the new complex (synchronously), demonstrates the layout of sports facilities.

External and internal views of the Palace of Sports.

Coaching swimmers in the new swimming pool.

Trained swimmers, divers.

Classes athletes automobile factory in the winter athletics arena - Training runners, jumpers.

Coaching basketball and volleyball in the universal game room.

Members of the Chief of Staff of the sports car factory, fizorgi shops, Methodists and coaches discuss the development of mass sports activities.

2. Athletic Hall arena named Znamensky during the winter event, athletes of the USSR and the USA.

Spectators in the grandstands arena.

Soviet and American athletes before a performance.

Competitions walkers at 5 kilometers.

On an open site hosts competitions of men throwing a 16-pound "weight": "weight" of an American athlete hurls D. Frenet and Soviet athlete A. Malyukov.

The judges measure the length of the throw.

To finish the race suited the Soviet runners V. Vavilov and NA Smaga, finishing third American T. Scully.

Competition in the women's race by 60 meters.

Olympic champion NA Chizhov pushes core sets new world record - 20 meters 40 centimeters.

Running men's 60 meters hurdles, finishing first American T. Hill.

Competition in high jump: jump - American athlete T. Walker (2 m 10 cm); Soviet Jumpers C. Schank (2metra 15 cm) and S. Budalov (2 m 20 cm)

Unsuccessful attempt K. Shank to take a height of 2 meters 20 centimeters.

S. Budalov takes a height of 2 meters 23 centimeters - the first place.

Competition in the run up to 5000 meters: American and Soviet athletes in the race.

Competition in the high jump with a sixth - American athletes jump, pole vault performs Yuri Isakov, takes a height of 5 meters 20 centimeters.

At a distance of 5000 meters and the first to finish B.kuznetsov Zotov.

Race in women's 400 meters: Start B. Nichols American and Soviet athlete Ilyina, first finish Ilyina.

Athletes award prizes and medals.

Stand Soviet athletes - the winners of the competition in the team standings.

The stadium are the Soviet and American athletes.

3. Buses on the square of the village Rabici near Minsk.

Panorama on the track and biathlon sports complex.

Flags of participating countries Biathlon World Championships.

Participants and coaches before the competition, among them the Soviet biathlete Ushakov.

Start relay 4 to 7.5 kilometers.

Biathletes at a distance - different plans.

Ushakov on the track and at the shooting range.

Athletes from Finland and Norway have passed the baton to the second stage.

Soviet biathlete Tikhonov at the shooting of the second phase relay.

Targets affected by Tikhonov.

Tikhonov at a distance, the new shooting range.

Transfer of the baton on the third stage - Tikhonov passes the baton Yu Kolmakov; Yu Kolmakov at a distance.

Yu Kolmakov passes the baton N. Kruglov.

AN Kruglov distance; followed by the Finnish biathletes.

Spectators at the track.

AN Kruglov goes the distance, the first finish the last stage of the relay.

Finish in the Finnish and Norwegian biathletes.

Soviet biathletes "swing" N. Kruglov.