Soviet Sport 1974 № 5 Athletes "Tauras". Rural school champions. Hope our gym.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sofronov V.

Operators: Golubov G., Shlykov P., Leongardt U., Solovev N.


1. Athletes Lithuanian television plant "Tauras". 2. Youth Sports School in the village of Luka-Barska near Vinnitsa. 3. Gymnastics tournament for the prize of The Moscow News.

Temporary description

Townscape Siauliai in Lithuania. Production processes at the television factory. Production exercises in the workshop of the plant. Sports plant workers in a sport "Tauras". Training fighters, athletes, weightlifters, handball players, swimmers. Cross-country race in Siauliai. Final Competition youth sports school in the village of Luka-Barska near Vinnitsa in athletics. International gymnastics tournament for the prize of the newspaper Moscow News. Among the participants of the competitions Soviet athletes: Svetlana Grozdova, Elvira Saadi, Viktor Klimenko.

Reel №1

1. Siauliai city streets - are people who drives transport.

The building of a television plant "Tauras".

The conveyor assembly TVs "Tauras".

Production of the plant.

Factory workers in the shops doing production exercises.

Factory athletes: A. Dankus - Champion of Lithuania on radio; Sh Visvaldas - fighter; M. Ignatavičius - handball player; R. Dundulis - basketball player - at their workplaces.

Stand with the portraits of factory-athletes and winning sports team "Tauras".

Training factory team freestyle wrestlers wrestlers in the Palace combat Siauliai.

Wrestling techniques fulfills Visvaldas Sh.

Athletes "Tauras" in training in track and field arena.

Pervorazryadnitsa Z. Janulytė trains in the shot put.

Master of the plant A. Zhalis trained with a barbell.

On the football field, practicing football team "Tauras".

In the gym practicing factory team handball.

Swimming coach Arnautov prepares swimmers to pass rules TRP.

Employees television factory in the cross country track and field TRP: brass band played, the race participants and spectators at the launch site.

Start women, female athletes at a distance.

Distance is B. Ezherskene.

Start, go the distance men.

Spectators at the track.

Athletes at the finish.

2. Village of Luka-Barsky (filmed with map).

Boys and girls on a bus ride through the village.

The building of the district branch of the sports school in the village.

Athletes for a jog in the schoolyard.

Activities Athletics School gym - running, jumping, leg workout, exercises with a barbell.

Coaches deal with different groups of athletes.

The pupil of the school, the champion of the region A. Polishchuk trains with the disk and weight.

Young athletes train to run hurdles.

3. Parade participants of the international gymnastics tournament for the prize of "Moscow News" at the Palais des Sports in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Passes the USSR team.

Hall of the Palace of Sports during the competition.

Soviet gymnasts from team captain Klimenko before the competition.

Japanese gymnasts - M. Tsukahara, E. Kenmotsu and coaches before the competition.

Gymnasts from the USA, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, East Germany and France before the competition.

Competition gymnasts - on the bar serves Klimenko, an American gymnast D. Crosby performs on floor exercise mat, a Japanese athlete M. Tsukahara performs on the rings (performs a "cross Azarian).

Applauding audience.

Closeups of Soviet gymnasts - S. Grozdovoy, EA Abramova, Yevgeny Primakov, E. Saadi-before performances.

S. Grozdova performs on balance beam.

Gymnast from Romania R. Sabet does vault.

S. Grozdova performs vault.

E. Saadi performs exercises on uneven bars, breaks down (from Rapid) continues to address.

In the hall of the performances are watching LA Latynina and Ivanov.

Coach P. Lavrov and his student S. Grozdova before the performance gymnasts.

S. Grozdova performs exercises on uneven bars.

Read the press photographers.

S. Grozdova other gymnasts give autographs.

The award Grozdovoy C., won the all-around.

Awarding the Primakov and E. Saadi.

Applauding audience.

The award Klimenko for winning the round.

Klimenko on a pedestal with the main prize of the tournament in his hands.