Soviet Sport № 8 Sports newspaper - 50 years. Towards the Games. Report. (1974)

Newsreel №12836, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Venzher I.
Camera operators:Solovev N., Artseulov O., Gorbatskiy V., Gorbunov V., Petrosov R.


1. 50 th anniversary of the newspaper "Soviet Sport". 2. USSR Youth Championship in rowing and canoeing. 3. USSR Championship in archery. 4. Carting Cup of peace and friendship. 5. Steeplechase

Temporary description:

The editorial staff of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" accept congratulations on the occasion of 50 anniversary of the newspaper, discussing the new issue of the newspaper. Meeting at the office. Issue in the printing of the newspaper "Soviet Sport". Awarding the Order of the newspaper of the Red Banner. General view of Lake Galve at Trakai in Lithuania, sports facilities sportobschestv "Dynamo" and "Zalgiris". Youth Championship USSR rowing and canoeing on Lake Galve. USSR Championship in archery in Tallinn. Start Carting Cup of peace and friendship on the square at the Central Stadium. Lenin in Moscow. USSR Championship in equestrian sport: competition in the Steeplechase-jump at the Central Moscow Hippodrome.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Multrabota - The first edition of the newspaper "Red Sport" and the jubilee edition of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" on the background of the figure "50".

Solemn briefing at the newspaper "Soviet Sport", the 50 th anniversary; present applauded.

Those present congratulated the Chief Editor of NS Kiseleva, handed a welcome address, presented with gifts.

Panorama of the newspapers' Red Sport "and" Soviet sport "of different years.

Photos of sportsmen, published in the newspaper: champions first-Union sports days Ozolin N., M. Shamanov, P. Ippolitov, G. Kozlov, team players.

In the newspaper discussed the material for the next issue.

The editorial staff in the office of chief editor.

The layout of newspapers, photographs of athletes on the table editor.

Powered stenographer.


Letters from fans with advice and suggestions.

Meeting of the Editorial Board.

Kiselev and executive secretary Vladimir Homuskov at work.

Kiselev signed a newspaper to print.

Panorama from the printing press in bales of newspapers.

Printing house worker reading a newspaper.

Newsagent, a man buys a newspaper "Soviet Sport", reads it.

The solemn meeting dedicated to the awarding of the newspaper with the Order of the Red Banner, the 50 th anniversary of the foundation.

Serves the Vice-Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR M. Yasnov.

M. Yasnov attaches to the Order of the Banner newspaper.

Cheering in the hall, an honor guard at the flag.; Order of the banner.

2. Lake Galve, Trakai castle on the lake.

Athletes in boats on the lake.

Vacationers ride on the lake water bikes.

Tourism and sport base "Dynamo" and "Zalgiris" on the shore of Lake Galve.

Athletes on their shoulders bear the kayaks to the water.

Kayaks and canoes on the lake.

Participants in the youth championship in rowing race - different plans.

Lie on the wooden flooring of bedroom slippers.

Starts an athlete on a kayak.

Corresponding pictures of winning competitions H. Mushinsky.

Check-in men's kayak-fours.

Arbitrator competitions.

Check-in men's canoe-sevens.

Athlete on the shore with binoculars watching the competitions.

Congratulations to the winner - rowing team "labor reserves".

3. City of Tallinn.

General view of the stadium.

Standing members, including world champion Vladimir Sidoruk.

The competitions are being prepared - the ex-world champion E. Gapchenko, world record holder Vladimir Kovpan, champion of the country G. Arkhipov.


At targets with bows shoot man: A. villages, W. and C. Sidoruk Klochkov.

The target with arrows - different plans.

Athletes of the targets.

Shoot women: V. Kovpan and G. Rybin.

Rewarding G. Rybin.

4. Flag raising ceremony Carting World Cup and the friendship of the socialist countries, raises the flag of the USSR Champion M. Ryabchikov.

Racers prepare for the start - different plans.

Spectators at the track.

Racers start, go the distance.

M. Ryabchikov at a distance, the Czechoslovak racer Z. Kisela bypasses M. Ryabchikova at a distance; finish first.

Racers at the finish.

Applauding the fans.

5. At the central racecourse in Moscow hosts steeplechase - steeplechase, that complete the national championship equestrian.

Riders overcome obstacles - from Rapid.

Riders on the course, ahead of Alexander Chuguevets.

Riders at the finish line, ahead - the team rider "Harvest" Evdokimov.

Evdokimov finish.

Judges of the competition.

Evdokimov lead horse.

Rewarding Yevdokimov.

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