Soviet Sport 1974 № 10 Gold medals pyatibortsev.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Oshurkov M.

Operators: Leongardt U., Fedyaev E.


Special Issue on newsreel held in Moscow World Championships in Modern Pentathlon.

Temporary description

Opening in Moscow the world championship in pentathlon: a parade of contestants, competition riding, fencing swords, a pistol shooting, in a voyage in the running. Spectators welcome athlete-pyatibortsa Paul Ledneva - world champion in pentathlon and the Soviet team that won the team championship.

Reel №1

Central Lenin Stadium in Luzhniki (panorama, taken from Lenin Hills).

Panorama of flags of participating countries World Championships pentathlon.

Parade participants.

Viewing audience, removes operator.

The stadium passes by three horses, and on a troika - Russian girls in national costumes with bread and salt.

Girl presented with bread and salt to the President of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon S. Tofeltu.

The draw for the horses for the first event - jumping.

Draw lots: the Australian athlete P. Ridgway, a Soviet athlete V. Shmelev, Japanese athlete.

Sportsman rider with the horse.

TV cameraman on the tower removes competition.

The route passes jumping P. Ridgway.

Track jumping are an athlete from Germany H. Tade and Hungarian rider.

Senior coach of the Hungarian team I. Nagy, watching the competition.

Fans in the stadium.

The route passes jumping V. Shmelev.

Soviet athletes AB Onishchenko, and AP Lednev on the track jumping.

Removes photographer.

Athletes lead horse.

The second type of competition - fencing.

Judges examine the sword.

Workout B. Onishchenko, P. Ledneva, Peterson.

Athletes Vechta; lit lightbulb elektrofiksatora.

Panorama of the hall of fencing.

P. Ridgway wears a mask, fences with B. Onishchenko.

Vechta - Hungarian sportsman and P. Lednev.

Supporters cheer "shouting" Well done! "; The audience well-known Soviet pyatiborets Novikov.

The third type of competition - rapid-fire small-caliber pistols for silhouette shooting in Mytishchi.

Out of the box took out a pistol, charged.

Speak foreign athletes before the competition.

Senior coach of the Soviet team O. Chuvilin gives guidance AP Ledneva.

The audience at the shooting range during the competition.

Shooting athletes.

Judges will check the target.

Fires P. Lednev; target P. Ledneva.

P. Lednev after firing.

Competitions pyatibortsev swimming - the athletes on the swimming pool water paths in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Floats and finishes AB Onishchenko.

The judge at the finish.

The hall is AB Onishchenko, who became the winner in the race.

By preparing to swim - the American athlete Dzh.

Fittszherald, P. Lednev and other athletes.

Start a swim, swim athletes, finishing athlete from Hungary A. Kovach.

Placards with the results of race.

On the final stage of the pentathlon - track and field athletics cross country says S. Tofelt (simultaneously in English).

Spectators at the track chetyrehkilometrovogo cross on the Lenin Hills.

Alternately, start: Romanian athlete, V. Shmelev, Boris Onishchenko.

V. Shmelev at a distance.

Limping runs AB Onishchenko.

Hungarian sportsman on the course.

Screaming fans at the finish.

Athlete finishes, drops after the finish.

Finishes V. Shmelev.

Finishes AB Onishchenko.

P. Lednev at a distance and at the finish.

A judge with a stopwatch.


Fittszherald at a distance, it outperforms the other athlete.


Fittszherald finishes, the judge with a stopwatch.

Read the press photographers.

Passes VP Lednev - Winner World Championships pentathlon.

Applause gathered in the hall of the Palace of Sport in Luzhniki.

Awards Ceremony:

S. Tofeld presents bronze medal team of Romania, silver medals - the athletes of Hungary; gold medals - the Soviet pyatibortsam: V. Shmelev, P. and B. Ledneva Onishchenko.