Soviet Sport 1974 № 11 Champions of the TRP. Olympic swimming school. Big hockey.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skitovich V.

Operators: Buslaev U., Zababurin V., Kudryashov V., Kuzminskiy S., Petrosov R.


1. The first USSR championship all-round new set of TRP. 2. Kharkiv sports school in swimming. 3. International meeting on hockey teams of the USSR and Canada.

Temporary description

Opening in Sochi on the first USSR championship all-around a new set of TRP: parade of athletes, lighting the torch of the eternal flame in the hero-city of Novorossiysk. Competitions athletes in throwing hand grenades and a ball, in swimming, shooting, in the running. Presentation of prizes to the winners. Types of Kharkov. Classes of schoolchildren in Kharkiv specialized sport swimming school Dynamo. International Meeting on Ice Sports Palace in Moscow between the USSR team and players-professionals in Canada.

Reel №1

1. The discovery in Sochi first championship of the USSR all around competition of the new complex by the TRP.

Standing team of Union Republics and veterans of sport; act - the commander of the parade the Olympic champion P. Bolotnikov and secretary of the Komsomol Harutyunyan; athletes sneaked around the stadium the flag competitions; flag-raising ceremony, parade of athletes, the stadium sneaked a torch lit from the Eternal Flame in the city-hero Novorossiysk, lit a fire event.

The panel of judges championship.

The first kind of all-round TRP - throwing grenades, and the ball: Athletes compete in various age groups.

The second kind of TRP-round - swimming: swim athletes finish.

The third kind of all-round TRP - rifles: Athletes at the shooting range.

Girl takes aim with a rifle.

Judges of the competition.

The fourth stage of the TRP-round - cross country race: the start groups of athletes, athletes in the distance, at the finish.

Judges of the competition.

The solemn ceremony of awarding winners of the championship.

P. Bolotnikov and Soviet cosmonaut G. Coast handed awards to the winners, congratulations on winning athletes.

Athletes with prizes on stage.

Applauding spectators gathered in the hall.

2. Monument to Lenin Square in Kharkov, the city streets.

Swimming pool of specialized children's sports schools swimming "Dinamo" - children in the pool during school hours.

Coach watches for children, provides guidance.

Honored trainer of USSR NF casing talks with his pupil Olympic swimming champion Natasha Popova.

Popova and other athletes in the pool during training.

NF Cover watching athletes.

Boys and girls are relaxing by the pool after a workout.

Cups, medals, diplomas, conquered by pupils of the school in various sporting competitions.

An e-mail Natasha Popova, writing by the secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, with wishes of success in school and sports.

Popov trains at the gym school.

During the competition the swimmers watched the younger pupils of the school.

3. Canadian fans are chanting in the stands of Moscow Sports Palace during the hockey game between the USSR and Canada.

Critical moments of the game at the gates of the Soviet Union and Canada.

Photos players: G. Howe, V. Vasiliev, B. Hull, A. Yakushev, P. Stapleton, Kharlamov, D. Chivers and W. Tretiak.

Soviet national team coach Boris Kulagin and coach of the Canadian B. Harris to watch the game.

B. Hull in the game.

Brawl at a hockey field, is the player of the Soviet team.

Canadian television sports commentator L. Maxwell criticized the Canadian national team game (simultaneously in English).

Moments of the game at the gates of the Soviet team.

Vladimir Tretiak "takes" the puck.

Moments of the game in the Canadian goal, D. Chivers "takes" the puck.

Play V. Kharlamov.

On the ice goes G. Howe.

Moments of the game - different plans.

Canadian and Soviet supporters in the stands.

The former coach of the Soviet team Tarasov among fans.

Goal in the Canadian goal.

D. Chivers throws the puck out of the gate.

Applaud the Soviet fans.

Hockey players shaking hands after the meeting.