Soviet Sport № 12 Moscow welcomes the Olympics. Young skaters. Through the eyes of a racing driver. At the World Championships. (1974)

Newsreel №12840, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Venzher I.
Camera operators:Lovkov V., Petrosov R., Aksit A., Verkhoustinskiy D.


1. "Moscow - the capital of the XXII Olympic Games. " Election at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Moscow the capital of the XXII Summer Olympic Games. The meeting in Moscow of the World Scientific Congress "Sport in Contemporary Society ". 2. Skaters Vlasov and IA Vorobyov. 3. USSR Championship in 1974 at the rally. 4. 18th World Championships in gymnastics.

Temporary description:

The meeting in Vienna on the 75 th session of the International Olympic Committee. The election of Moscow the capital of the 22 Olympic Games. Meetings in Moscow, the World Scientific Congress "Sport in contemporary society. Speech by Chairman of the Sports Committee of the USSR Pavlova (synchronously). Exhibition of Olympic construction projects -80 in Moscow. Training of the Leningrad school skaters skating Vorobyova and Vlasov, under the leadership of coach T. Moskvina. USSR Championship in rally to improve production cars at the Riga Sports Palace: Start from the stadium, leaving cars on the track, the award winners. Opening in Varna 18 World Championships in gymnastics.

Reel №1

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1. Town Hall in Vienna, where the 75th session of the International Olympic Committee.

Place participants in the session, correspondents.

Acts IOC president Lord Killanin M. reported on the election of the Moscow venue XXII Summer Olympic Games.

Moscow - The Kremlin, Kalinin Prospekt.

General view of the Column Hall of the House of Unions.

The World Scientific Congress "Sport in Contemporary Society" in the hall.

At the congress with a speech to the President of the International Council of Sport and Physical Education, Philip Noel-Baker.

Delivered by the Chair of the USSR Sports Committee Pavlov (synchronously).

Participants of the Congress in the hall - listen, applaud.

Congress participants at the exhibition project facilities Olympics-80 models considered structures.

Kutuzov prospect, Triumphal Arch.

Plate souvenir with the inscription "Moscow welcomes the Olympics".

2. On the Neva River are young figure skaters Vlasov and VI Vorobeva.

A. Vlasov, and Vorob'eva trained at the Leningrad Palace of Sports "Jubilee."

Coach T. Moskvina oversees training.

Moscow Sports Palace, Parade of skaters participating in the International tournament "Moscow skates.

Speakers Vorob'eva and AA Vlasov.

3. Master of International Class, winner of the rally "Tour of Europe 1974" C. Brundza driving Moskvich Izhevsk factory where he and his partner A. Broom, participate in the national championship at the rally.

Riga Sports Palace.

Participants in the rally are in their cars on the field hockey stadium.

Start cars with the hockey field.

Cars on the track - passing on the blurry sections of the road, cars drifting on turning.

S. Brundzy machine because of the broken leaves the track at the beginning of the first stage of the race.

S. Brundza repairing the car.

S. Brundza continues to race.


Coach of the Soviet Union to rally A. Karamyshev talks with S. Brundzoy at a checkpoint of the second phase.

Machines at the track last stage.

Rally participants enter the stadium.

Awarding the winners Brundze S. and A. Broom.

Athletes on the podium.

4. Stadium in the city of Varna.

The emblem of the 18 th World Championships in gymnastics.

Parade participants.

State Council Chairman T. Zhivkov, Bulgaria's competition opens.

Cost competitors.

The gymnast performs a floor exercise.

Japan Champion S. Kasamatsu performs exercises on horseback.

Andrianov performs on the rings.

C, Kasamatsu and Andrianov on the podium.

On the podium winners in the team competition: the Japanese team - 1 seat;

Team USSR - 2 nd place and the team Germany - 3 rd place.

N. Drozdov performs exercises on uneven bars.

Gymnast of the GDR A. Helman performs floor exercise.

On floor exercise serves O. Korbut.

Watching members of the jury.

L. Turishcheva perform exercises on a log.

L. Turishcheva - absolute champion of the world - on the podium.

Close-up of the gold medal.

O. Korbut handed the silver medal.

L. Turishcheva, O. Korbut and A. Helman on a pedestal.

Raise flags over the stadium of the USSR and East Germany.

The team of Soviet gymnasts on the podium.

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