Soviet Army № 25 (1974)

Newsreel №12855, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:42
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Ya. Babushkin


The issue is dedicated to the performance of a combat training mission by a tank unit to overcome a water barrier and guide a pontoon, festive events in honor of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and tells about the training of personnel of maritime border units.

Reel №1

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Tank officers, sitting on the turret of the tank, clarify the combat training task.

The face of one of the officers.

a column of armored vehicles is moving along the forest edge through snowdrifts.

The commander of one of the tanks is monitoring through a triplex.

A multi-purpose armored tractor (MTLB) overcomes gullies on the road.

A flying helicopter.

Panorama of the area where the exercises are held, a bridge over a frozen river (from above).

The column of armored vehicles stops.

Officers are clarifying the route on the map.

The convoy of the pontoon-bridge park on the march.

Landing in helicopters of tactical airborne personnel equipped with skis.

The propeller rotates.

Helicopters with troops on board follow to the landing point.

Landing of helicopters.

The personnel of the landing, dressed in white masks, disembark from helicopters, firing automatic weapons on the move.

Officers at a command and observation post equipped at the edge of the forest.

Soldiers, having taken a firing position, fire at a conditional enemy.

Deployment of a pontoon-bridge fleet for the crossing of armored vehicles on thin ice.

Sappers are building a pontoon ferry.

Planes of a conditional enemy are flying by.

Imitation of a bomb attack on the crossing area.

The calculation of the anti-aircraft installation is preparing to open fire.

View of the crossing point.

The face of the sapper.

Sappers connect the components of the pontoon bridge.

The faces of the sappers.

Calculations of anti-aircraft installations cover the sappers from the airstrikes of a conditional enemy.

Sappers connect pontoon-bridge structures.

Explosion of ice on both sides of the pontoon bridge.

An officer with a red flag signals the movement of a column of armored vehicles.

Tanks and other armored vehicles are moving along a pontoon bridge built by sappers.

The face of the truck driver.

A plane flies by.

Armored vehicles finish crossing to the other side of the river.

An officer on the tractor's armor.

Tanks are crossing under the cover of a smoke screen.

The commander of the exercises at the command and observation post.

View of the pontoon bridge crossing.

A tractor with a field kitchen goes to the opposite shore.

Tankers drink tea from a thermos during a halt.

Soldiers and officers at the campfire during a halt.

A holiday on the Belarusian land.

Views of the streets of Minsk in festive decoration on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders, city transport and passers-by on the streets of the city.

The text of the Decree on awarding Minsk the title of "Hero City", published in the newspaper.

Newsreel of 1944: explosions of artillery shells.

Soviet artillery fires at the enemy during Operation Bagration in June 1944.

IL-2 attack aircraft are flying.

A volley of BM-13 Guards mortars.

The commander of the 1st Belorussian Front, Army General Rokossovsky K.K. at the command post.

The commander of the 2nd Belorussian Front, Colonel-General G.F. Zakharov, with officers of the front staff during the development of an offensive operation.

The commander of the 3rd Belorussian Front, Colonel-General Chernyakhovsky I.D. discusses the details of the operation with members of the front staff.

The commander of the 1st Baltic Front, Army General Bagramyan I.H. at the telegraph apparatus at the front headquarters.

Chief of the General Staff Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasilevsky A.M. passes with generals and officers on a rural street during an inspection trip before the start of the offensive.

Bombers in flight.

The face of the navigator of one of the crews.

Dropping bombs on enemy positions, exploding bombs on the front line and in the rear of the enemy.

Soviet artillery is conducting artillery preparation.

Tank and rifle units begin to move forward.

Infantry attacks the enemy with the support of tanks.

Tanks and infantry wade through a water barrier.

Partisans are mining railway tracks and bridges.

Destruction of telephone and telegraph lines behind enemy lines.

Demolition of the rail.

The collapse of the enemy echelon.

The guerrilla is firing a submachine gun from an ambush.

Burning tanks and wagons.

A Red Army unit breaks into one of the settlements.

Residents of the liberated village welcome the liberators.

Installation of a red flag over the village Council.

A Soviet tank on the street of Minsk on July 3, 1944.

Destruction of symbols of Nazi Germany, emblems and banners with swastikas.

Minsk residents welcome the liberators.

Soviet officers on the podium of the solemn meeting.

Minsk residents welcome the Red Army.

Hoisting a red flag on one of the city buildings.

Panorama of one of the quarters of Minsk, destroyed by the German occupiers (from above).

Fires in Minsk.

View of a part of the burning Minsk ghetto.

The face of a woman telling about the atrocities of the fascists.

Panorama of a part of the destroyed and burnt-out quarter.

An elderly man holds a handful of burnt grain in his palm.

The faces of the partisans standing in line.

Panorama of the parade formation of partisans at the Minsk hippodrome.

View of the grandstand of the solemn meeting.

A parade of partisan detachments in Minsk.

Red Army units are passing through the streets of Minsk.

The ceremony of laying wreaths at the monument to the heroes who fell for the liberation of Belarus.

Veterans carry a funeral wreath.

Laying a wreath at the foot of the monument.

The Eternal Flame is burning, flowers are at the Eternal Flame.


Rokossovskij Konstantin Konstantinovich -- the warlord Zaharov Georgij Fedorovich -- the warlord Chernyahovskij Ivan Danilovich -- the warlord Bagramyan Ivan Hristoforovich -- the warlord Vasilevskij Aleksandr Mihajlovich -- the warlord

Calendar: 06.1944 03.07.1944 1974

Locations: Belarus [845] Minsk [972] USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of the memorial in Khatyn, flowers at the monument.

Types of rallies on mass graves, faces of veterans.

Veterans kneel during a minute of silence.

Flowers at the foot of the monument.

The Eternal Flame is burning.

View of the monument on the Mound of Glory, people climb to the top of the mound.

View of the rally (from above).

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the CP of Belarus Masherov P. M. makes a speech.

Faces of veterans.

The participants of the rally make speeches.

Memorial plaque of the Mound of Glory.

Panorama of the rally.

Veterans march through the streets of Minsk, Minsk residents greet veterans passing through the streets, throw bouquets of flowers at their feet.

Veterans pass by with bouquets of flowers.

People from the sidewalks applaud veterans, veterans respond to greetings.

View of Victory Square with the monument (from above).

A bas-relief of a sword and a sculptural group on the base of the monument.

So the service begins.

Passenger liner at the pier.

Panorama of a part of the cargo port, ships at the berth under loading.

Foreign vessels under loading at the port.

Seagulls over the waves.

A patrol boat passes, signals are sent by a courier.

The sailors are in the ranks.

Types of the territory of the sports town and the parade ground of the training naval unit of the maritime border forces, sailors are engaged in physical and drill training.

Performing exercises on various sports equipment, the faces of young sailors.

Shore swimming lesson.

Swimming competitions in the pool equipped at the pier.

Launching of a rowing yawl.

The sailors take their places on the banks of the yawl.

Sailors during rowing training, the officer at the stern gives commands.

The faces of the sailors working with oars.

The midshipman's face.

The officer conducts a lesson on the material part of anti-aircraft deck artillery, the faces of the teaching officer and the sailors.

the officer explains the rules of gun aiming, working out gun aiming in practice.

The face of a midshipman instructor.

lesson on the material part of the armament of the patrol boat.

The faces of the sailors.

Working out the loading of the gun on the simulator.

Lesson on the theory and practice of loading a multi-barrel gun.

A political officer conducts political information in the fresh air.

Navigation lesson.

The sailors perform the task of plotting a course on the map.

A lesson in navigation and training of helmsmen.

The stern flag of the boat.

The sailors are in formation.


Masherov Petr Mironovich -- statesman and politician

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Minsk [972] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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