Soviet Sport № 7 Sports day starts. On an unusual route. Olympic hopes (1975)

Newsreel №12979, 1 part, duration: 0:10:05, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kulagina K.
Camera operators:Komarov V., Leongardt U., Serov G., Sokolnikov L., Gorbatskiy V., Gorbunov V.


1. Competition athletes and swimmers in the second Games of All-Union of the USSR. 2. Competitions army athletes Soviet Union and France in orienteering. 3. Performances of young Soviet gymnasts at international competitions.

Temporary description:

1 syuzh. The parade of athletes at the stadium in Luzhniki (Moscow). Participants VI summer sports days of the USSR perform exercises. Production gymnastics. Men's long jump. Shot put. Running. Men's high jump. Volleyball. Swimming. 2 syuzh. Podmoskovny landscape in winter. Friendly match orienteering army sportsmen USSR and France, near the station Tourist. Athletes run through the woods. Checkpoints. 3 syuzh. Training gymnasts. Speech gymnasts D. Crosby (USA), S. Kasamatsu (Japan), G. Rat, A. Detyatina, A. Cavallo, L. Gorbik, N. Kim. The parade of athletes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Luzhniki Stadium.

The parade of athletes: are athletes, are members Spartakiads workers of culture of Moscow, members of society "Spartacus."

Athletes sneaked flags.

Girls perform at the stadium gymnastic exercises.

An athlete jumping in length.

Long jump worker performs the ninth printing E. Sokolov.

E. Sokolova, pushing the core; judge measures the distance.

A shot from the pistol.

They run the athletes.

Clap girl.

Nucleus pushed sports veterans A. Senators and N. Linnik.

Judge measures the distance of flight of the nucleus.

At the height of the jumps A. Likurtsev - an employee of All-Union radio center.

Volleyball match between the workers of culture.

Finals in swimming-Union sports days - in the swim participate winners of republican competition: Swimmers warm up, jump, swim.

Female swimmer on the course, at the finish.

The winner will finish student swim AL Rusanov.

Preparing to launch; starts, floats Schoolgirl M. Malyutina.

M. Malyutina out of the water, talking with his coach G. Petrov.

Men's relay swimming four one hundred-meter freestyle - swimmers start; float.

Preparing to launch a swimmer Moscow team, champion of the country and Europe V. Bure.

V. Bure at a distance, at the finish.

Read the press photographers, the audience applauded.

2. Flowering meadow.

Standing athletes of the USSR and France before the competition in orienteering.

Judges with stopwatches.

Start athletes.

At the checkpoint athlete receives a map-scheme.

Stopwatch in hand athlete.

Athletes run through the woods.

Running through the woods, make a mark at checkpoints Soviet athletes V. Kiselev and V. Kukk.

At the checkpoint marked French athletes Vouser E. and J. Belmas.

Finish V. Kiselev, V. Kukk, French athlete JC Sylvester.

Soviet and French athletes socialize after the event.

Waving Soviet and French flags.

3. Gymnast H. Kim and L. Gorbik on the podium.

L. Gorbik gives an autograph.

Sits a group of coaches.

Coach insures gymnast during exercise on the uneven bars.

Coach with a team of Soviet gymnasts.

The coach speaks with gymnast.

Soviet gymnasts before the start of the competition.

Sit Japanese athletes.

Exercises on the carpet does U.S. champion D. Crosby.

Exercises on the bar serves Japanese gymnast S. Kasamatsu.

Exercises on the horse performs a Soviet gymnast Alexander Dityatin.

Gymnast G. Krysin acts with exercises on the bar, perform a triple somersault dismount.

Floor exercises on the mat and vault over the horse performs a gymnast O. Koval.

Exercises on the bars does H. Kim.

Vault and balance beam exercises to perform LA Gorbik.

Monitor screen in the hall.

The parade of athletes at the stadium.

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