Soviet Sport № 8 Match of the rain. On sports days of the USSR. (1975)

Newsreel №12980, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Panin A.
Camera operators:Leongardt U., Serov G., Golubov N., Solovev N., Kukarenchuk V., Lesovoy A.


1. Match athletes of the USSR - the United States. 2. Championship in gymnastics at the Games of the Soviet peoples. 3. Eventing (cross) at the Games of the Soviet peoples.

Temporary description:

1 syuzh. Spectators at the stadium in Kiev to match U.S. and Soviet athletes. Shot put. Men's high jump. Running. Running hurdles. Men's relay. Hall of fame. 2 syuzh. Gymnast A. Detyatin talking with a trainer, doing exercises on the rings, to the crossbeam. O. Korbut performs exercises on uneven bars, N. Kim - on the log. Vault M. Filatov. Eventing. Riders gallop through the forest. Down the slope, overcome obstacles. Parade participants triathlon at the racetrack.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Spectators under umbrellas and raincoats at the Central Stadium in Kiev.

At the stadium the team out the USSR and the U.S. athletes.

Flags of countries - participants of the match, an electronic scoreboard that reads "Kiev-75.

U.S. athlete wash core in a puddle on the pitch, the other athlete wiping the nucleus before being pushed.

A. Baryshnikov athlete pushes the nucleus.

American athlete T. Olbriten pushes the nucleus.

Competitions women's teams in the shot put - Soviet athlete S. Krachevskaya rubs nucleus; pushes core - the result of 20 meters 95 centimeters.

Kernel push - the American D. Wood (Results - 13 meters 86 centimeters), an athlete from Bulgaria I. Christ (Results - 20 meters 74 centimeters).

American athlete runs up to the high jump, falls on the wet grass.

On the sixth running jumper in height, slips and stops.

American athlete under a canopy wipes pole jumping, the athlete jumps, knocks down the bar.

High jump without a pole - an athlete jumps, knocks down the bar.

Men's sprint at 100 meters.

Runs and the first finish Borzov.

Borzov after the race takes place on the field the stadium.

In the stands screaming, applauding the fans.

Race men's 100 meters hurdles.

The first run and finish in the Soviet athletes V. Myasnikov and V. Kulebyakin.

Soviet athlete V. Saneev jumping long jump, triple; the result of 17 meters 10 centimeters.

Men's sprint at the 3000 meter steeplechase - the first run and finish the American sportsman M. Smith.

Athletes preparing for the start of the men's relay 4 by 100 meters.

Athletes start and the first Soviet athlete runs Korneluk, passes the baton Kolesnikov.

Borzov finish in the relay.

Soviet athletes - Korneluk, Kolesnikov, Aksinin and greyhounds on the podium.

2. Gymnast Alexander Dityatin talking with a coach in the hall of the Leningrad Palace of Sports "Jubilee" during the competition in gymnastics at the Games of the Soviet peoples.

A. Dityatin perform exercises on the rings and horizontal bar.

The judge follows the performance of A. Dityatin, makes notes on a pad.

Friends congratulate Alexander Dityatin with the title of Absolute Champion Sports day.

Absolute champion gymnast Spartakiads H. Kim and O. Korbut on the podium.

Applauding audience.

O. Korbut and H. Kim at the Palace of sports talk, laugh.

Sit young gymnasts.

O. Korbut performs exercises on uneven bars, runs away from the platform, coach and friends congratulate O. Korbut.

H. Kim performs exercises on a log.

O. Korbut and other gymnasts are watching performances H. Kim.

Non-competitive performance of young gymnasts - M. Filatov does vault, gymnasts do exercises on the uneven bars and balance beam.

Coach oversees the performance of young gymnasts.

Young gymnast award prizes.

3. Cross-country in the vicinity of Kiev - the riders are passing through a birch grove, overcome obstacles, down a steep slope, jumping through the forest.

Athlete on a horse fails overcomes the obstacle decreases.

Several riders fall after failing to overcome an obstacle.

Riders overcome obstacles, pass route - different plans.

Competitor - a veteran equestrian coach of Uzbekistan M. Ismailov, overcomes obstacles, runs track.

M. Ismailov on horseback travels to the stadium, he handed the award and flowers.

Parade participants triathlon at Kiev racetrack.

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