Soviet Sport № 12 Olympic reserve. Cross a difficult task! Students' Sports Club. Towards the Olympics. (1975)

Newsreel №12984, 1 part, duration: 0:10:19, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Sofronov V.
Camera operators:Serov G., Voroncov V., Usanov V., Filatov I., Lebedev O., Petrosov R.


1. Minsky specialized sports boarding school. 2. Lithuanian Open Championship at cyclocross. 3. Student Sports Club Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. 4. International competitions in figure skating for the prize of the newspaper "Nouvelles de Mosca".

Temporary description:

1 syuzh. Chemistry Lesson in the specialized boarding school in Minsk. Students (masters of sport and pervorazryadniki) in training. Lesson fencing. Section gymnastics. Swimming. Diving. 2 syuzh. Lithuanian Open Championship cyclo-cross. 3 syuzh. Winter Ural. Skiers. Gyms Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. Volleyball. Boxing. Weightlifters. Sambo. Judo. Athletics. 4 syuzh. International tournament for the prize of the newspaper "Les Nouvelles de Moscou." Performers are Berdzh U. (USA), I. Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, V. Kovalev, E. Vodorezova, Berezovsky and D. Porter (Canada), N. Linichuk and A. Minenkov, LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov .

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Chemistry Lesson in Minsk specialized sports boarding school: the teacher explains the lesson, students listen.

Tenth-LA Marchenko and AV Oleinik - master of sports in diving - in class.

Plaque with the names of the students.

The building of a boarding school.

Pupils at a morning jog.

The coach is watching the guys.

Fencing Lesson in the school conducted a master of sports Yu Rybyanets and World Champion D. Nikanchikova.

Their students, winners of youth championships: A. Baber and T. Kleschunova train in the gym of school.

Vechta other students.

Activities section of gymnastics is the honored trainer of the USSR VS Khomutov.

Gym school, girls are engaged in the machine.

Pervorazryadnik B. Doroshin perform exercises on the rings.

Gymnast Koshelev and L. Gorbik exercise on the trampoline under the direction of Chomutov.

Gymnasts are engaged in a hall at the various shells.

The pool train young swimmers and divers in the water.

Members of the youth team of the country in swimming T. Balandin and O. Vasilchenko on training in the pool.

Coach oversees training.

Train jumpers from towers Oleinik, and L. Marchenko - work out the elements of jumps.

2. Finish winner of the championship of Lithuania on cyclocross I. Kishonas.

I. Kishonasa congratulate with the victory, she kisses the winner.

Cyclocross start in 25-km route across rugged terrain.

Athletes at a distance, overcoming the difficult sections of the route - different plans.

Spectators judge on the track.

Athlete mending a bicycle on the road.

I. Kishonas at a distance, at the finish.

3. Skiers passing the snowy woods.

Trained skaters at the rink.

Athletes in sports halls Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute:

coaching women's volleyball team;

trained boxers, trainer instructs athletes;

Coach talks to weightlifter, weightlifters in training;

Training Sambo - the coach shows techniques sambo wrestlers, athletes train;

training of athletes: athletes and spend steeplechase; boy jumps in height; coach G. Resch oversees training, an athlete with a barbell on your shoulders run through the gym.

General view of the gym must train with the athletes.

4. Flags of countries participating in figure skating competition for the prize of the newspaper "Nouvelles de Mosca".

With the short program serves American figure skater W. Burge.

Serve Soviet athletes I. Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev.

Competition Jury.

On the ice, the Soviet skater performs Kovalev.

Applauding audience.

Serves young skater E. Vodorezova.

Prize competitions.

The Canadian dance couple Berezovsky and D. Porter.

Watch for the performances of athletes and coaches T. Tarasova E. Tchaikovsky.

Dance Linichuk N. and G. Karponosov.

Speakers Moiseev and A. Minenkov.

A. Moiseyev, and A. Minenkov after the speech to talk with T. Tarasova.

LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov come out with a new dance program.

Applauding audience.

LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov, and disappear after the speech; L. Pakhomov gives autographs.

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