Soviet Sport № 7 Tallinn - City Olympics. Do athletes Kuban. Towards the Olympics. (1976)

Newsreel №13123, 1 part, duration: 0:10:10, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kiselev S.
Camera operators:Artseulov O., Gorbatskiy V., Gorbunov V., Sokolnikov A., Solovev N., Petrosov R.


1. Olympic Venues in Tallinn. 2. Rural Sports Club Kirovets. 3. Athletic match the Soviet Union - United Kingdom. 4. Cup competitions of the USSR on gymnastic all-around.

Temporary description:

Types of Tallinn. Accommodation in Tallinn, the delegation of the International Union of sailing. Getting the delegation with the draft Olympic sailing center. Meeting on the center tab of sailing. Working children's sports school in the village Novominskaya Krasnodar Territory. Classes of children in the control section, in the swimming pool, training young players. Classes are residents of the village of horseback riding. Match of the USSR and UK athletes at the stadium in Kiev: competitions in running, in the high jump, the shot put. Award winners. Pre-Olympics gymnastics competition at the Moscow Sports Palace. Among the competing athletes: S. Dityatin, V. Markelov, M. Filatov, N. Kim, L. Tourischeva, O. Korbut.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The roofs of the old houses in Tallinn.

The town hall.

The meeting in the town hall of the International Union of sailing under President B.Kroche Union.

Deputy Prime Minister of Estonia A.Gren talks about preparations for the construction of Olympic Sailing Center.

The chief architect of Tallinn Bruns demonstrates the delegation models and architectural designs.

The meeting at the bank at the mouth of the Bay of Tallinn Pirita River about bookmarks sailing center.

Foreign press photographers shoot breaking ceremony of the Centre.

B.Kroche capsule in the foundation laying of the foundation.

Sports banners on the bay.

Boats in the water area of ​​Tallinn Bay.

Sailor manages the yacht.

2. Blooming apple trees.

Implement passes for picking straw fodder.

Novominskaya village - panorama.

Palace of Sports.

Women with children are entering the building.

Posters with the names of the sections "Water Polo", "Sambo", "Horses", "Football".

Sambo competitions.

Boys, athletes and spectators in the hall, among the spectators - the Kirov collective farm chairman I.N.Pereverzev.

Employment of children in the sections school sports - wrestling, swimming.

Training kolkhoz football team.

Kolkhoz V.Nevatkin team coach talks to the players.

Tractor in a field, a tractor driver, a member of the sports society "Harvest" A.Korkeshko in the tractor cab.

A.Korkeshko and other members of the Equestrian Club near the horses.

Girl rider straightens his cap, takes his horse's reins.

Equestrian competition - jumps hurdles.

Passing riders.

3. Fans at the Central Stadium in Kiev before athletics match between the USSR and the UK - different plans.

Flags of the USSR and the UK.

Race women's 100 meters - athletes at the start.

A shot of the starting gun.

Athletes on the course will finish first British athlete S.Leneman.

Judge the competition; board with the inscription "The average wind speed 3.6".

Running the men's 110 meters hurdles: the first runs and finishes V.Myasnikov.

G.Filatova jumping height, sets a new record for all-Union (1 meter 90 centimeters).

Race Women's 800 meters.

On the course, athletes and V.Gerasimova S.Styrkina; athletes at the finish.

In Gerasimov S.Styrkina congratulates the victory.

Nucleus pushes European champion D.Keyps.

Nucleus pushes Soviet athlete A.Baryshnikov.

Judges measure the distance - 21 meters 31 centimeters.

Women's relay 4 x 100 meters - athletes on the course pass the baton; finish.

Winners of the relay - N.Besfamilnaya, L.Maslokova, S.Belova, V.Anisimova after the race.

The parade of athletes USSR and the UK.

4. Hall of the Palace of Sports in Moscow during the competition for the Cup of the USSR gymnastic all-around.

Acrobats and gymnasts ready for action.

Read the cameramen.

A.Dityatin performing exercises on the rings.

Exercises on the bar does V.Markelov.

The panel of judges.

V.Markelov interviewed.

Gymnasts warm up before a competition.

Warming up before a performance M.Filatova.

N.Kim talks with the coach.

M.Filatova performs vault and falls.

L.Turischeva perform exercises on uneven bars, breaks down.

Coach looks V.Rastorotsky.

L.Turischeva finishing performance on the uneven bars.

M.Filatova performs a vault.

O.Korbut perform exercises on uneven bars.

Vault performs L.Turischeva.

Bar exercises performs N.Kim.

Photographers shoot participants.

Animation: photos N.Kim, L.Turischevoy, V.Markelova, O.Korbut, M.Filatovoy and A.Dityatina.

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