Soviet Sport № 3 Record-breaking jump. Riddle Tatyana Kazankina. Rival. Women's hockey. (1977)

Newsreel №13262, 1 part, duration: 0:09:47, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Grigorev I.
Camera operators:Kagan I., Tseslyuk V., Gorbunov V., Dobronickiy V., Kuslya Ya.


Special Issue newsreel on women - athletes. 1. Competitions women's high jump at the national championship in athletics. 2. T. Kazankina runner. 3. Gymnast I. Deryugin and G. Shugurova. 4. First All-Union Championship Field Hockey women's teams.

Temporary description:

1syuzh. - Competition Women's high jump (USSR Championship in Athletics in Minsk). Champion Olympic Games in Montreal athlete T. Kazankin. 2syuzh. -European Champion in rhythmic gymnastics I. Deriugina in training. 3syuzh. -First All-Union championship in field hockey for women.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Skier on the course, female athletes at running races with barriers;

Archers shoot; gymnast performs on the uneven bars.

E. Vodorezova skater performs an arbitrary program.

Skier for downhill skiing.

Interior view of the Sports Palace in Minsk.

Spectators in the courtroom.

Sector, the high jump.

Athletes warm up before a jump in height.

Placards with numbers: 1 meter 89 centimeters.

Jumps A. Fedorchuk, knocked the bar.

Kneaded T. Boyko.

T. Denisov, jumping, knocks the bar.

Crying athlete.

T. Boiko, jumps, throws the bar.

At the podium reacts violently to an unsuccessful leap T. Boiko her husband - Master of Sport Valery Boiko.

A second unsuccessful attempt to T. Boyko.

The last attempt to T. Boyko - jumping, overcomes height - different plans, Rapid.

Boiko congratulates his wife with a victory.

Applauding audience.

T. Boyko gives interviews (synchronously).

2. Women's race at the Olympic Games in Montreal.

T. Kazankina runs at a distance, avoids rivals, finishing first.

World record for running TV Kazankina passes through the streets of Leningrad.

A sign on the door of "Head of Department of Foreign Languages."

T. Kazankina lets candidates a minimum of interpretation from English.

T. Kazankina and other female athletes train under the guidance of coach N. Malysheva - running around, performing various gymnastic exercises.

T. Kazankina runs at a distance of the Olympic Games in Montreal.

3. Gym in a training complex in the town Novogorsk.

Stand clogs, clubs and letnty.

Group of gymnasts involved in the choreography.

I. Deryugin engaged in a gymnastic machine.

Interview II Deriugina (synchronously).

G. Shugurova perform exercises with the ball.

I. Deryugin perform exercises with the ball.

Women's team coach, AN Deryugina instructs athletes.

G. Shugurova runs the gym.

I. Deryugin practicing with the ball.

4. The women's team conducts training for field hockey.

Girl goalie in the goal.

Participant in the team gives an interview (synchronously).

Competitors combed.

Teams of Andijan and the suburbs before the game.

Captains play ball.

Moments of the game - different plans.

Sit spare players from the team of Andijan, the coach talks to the girls.

Team scores Andijan.

Goalie in the goal.

Corresponding pictures of winning team from Andijan.

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