Soviet Sport № 7 Match of the giants. Pentathlon - my love ... A surprise newcomer. At the rapids ... (1977)

Newsreel №13266, 1 part, duration: 0:09:47, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Artseulov O.
Camera operators:Gorbatskiy V., Buslaev U., Artseulov O.
Anouncers:Ozerov N.


1. 15th match athletes of the Soviet Union and the United States in Sochi. 2. Glendale School Young pyatibortsev name Novikov. 3. International marathon run for the prize of the newspaper Trud. 4. All-union person-team championship slalom.

Temporary description:

1syuzh. - 15-th match athletes of the USSR and the United States. Hurdling etc. 2syuzh. -Training at Yerevan school for young pyatibortsev them. Novikov: Cross, fencing, etc. 3syuzh. - Marathon (International) for the prize of the newspaper "Trud" on the streets of Moscow. 4syuzh. All-union-personally-team competition for Kayak Slalom.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Girl presented with bread and salt athletes - participants of the match athletes of the Soviet Union and the United States.

Pass athletes.


Running the 100 meters - the athletes in the country, at a distance.

American sprinter wins C. Wylie.

Triple jump - jump Olympic champion Vladimir Sana'a (16 meters 90 centimeters - 2 nd place); jumps A. Piskulin (17 feet 4 inches - 1 seat).

Hurdles to 110 meters - the athletes on the course.

R. Gaines wins.

Race for 5000 meters - the leader R. King, his beats and the first finish B. Kuznetsov.

Viewing audience.

A. Yarosh, pushing the core.

S. Krachevskaya pushes the nucleus.

At the height of the jump F. Jacobs and A. Grigoriev.

Pole vault - Jesse L. jumps, takes the height of 5 meters 30 centimeters.

Preparing to jump and jumping champion of the USSR VV Trofimenko, a new record - 5 meters 59 centimeters.

Applauding the fans.

2. Young athletes - students of Yerevan school pentathlon in training:

training for horse riding and swimming.

Newsreels 1958:

Speech at the World Championships of the Soviet pyatibortsa Novikov.

Passes Novikov; instructs trainee in the pool guys.

Coach with a stopwatch watching a workout in the pool.

At the edge of the pool running, barking German shepherd.


Training in shooting and fencing.

3. Traditional international mileage on the prize of the newspaper "Trud", which involves athletes from 12 countries - marathon runners at the distance a small marathon (30 kilometers).

Watching coaches.

Athletes of food item - drink water, pour yourself with water.

Runners on the course - different plans.

The group leader runs the Soviet athlete L. Moseev.

For the last 100 meters race ahead burst and the first athlete finishes from Kherson E. Slyusarev.

E. Slyusarev worth, wipes the sweat from his forehead.

4. River landscape.

Sportsmen - participants of All-in person-team competition slalom go the distance on single canoe.

Flips the boat, the athlete falls into the water.

On the course, the athlete performs a "coup" Eskimo. "

Competition for the canoe-pair: athletes on the course.

Athletes hold on to an upturned boat.

Different plans for athletes on the course.

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