Soviet Sport № 2 60 years of the Soviet Armed Forces. Pages army sport. (1978)

Newsreel №13393, 1 part, duration: 0:10:00, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Bessarabov I.
Anouncers:Ozerov N.


Special Issue newsreel devoted to sports society CSKA.

Temporary description:

Red Square standing army-athletes. Chronicle Federation: Moscow's military, soldier-athletes. The people at the stadium "Dynamo". Runs V. Kutz. Cyclists - Kapitonov. Yuri Vlasov raises the bar. L. Jabotinsky takes weight. Skater Kulikov at the finish. Biathletes Bazhukov N. and S. Saveliev at a distance. V. Isaeva finish. The streets of Havana. Ustinov congratulates athletes, he said. V. Markelov perform exercises on the rings. Speech skaters I. Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, S. and N. Zhuk. Ice hockey players Vladimir Petrov, V. Kharlamov, Boris Mikhailov and Vladimir Tretiak on the ice.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1918:

In Red Square are Red.

Passing cavalry, the horses jump over obstacles.

Athletes Red jump through "horse", the exercises on the bar; acrobatic pyramid.

Newsreel 1923:

Sporting events of the 1st All-Army championship RSFSR - javelin, high jump, discus core; athlete raises the bar with one hand.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Physical Culture NI Podvoisky hands banner winners.

Newsreel 1930s.:

Rodeo, a massive race.

Athlete running with a rifle, throw a grenade.

Athletes jump from a cliff.

Newsreel 1941 1945.

It takes a column of soldiers, skiers, skydivers jumping out of the plane, on a snowy field passing skiers.

The time on the waterfront.

Newsreel 1946.:

Vehicles on the street.

Ad "Sold out."

Fans go to the stadium "Dynamo".

In the commentary booth sportscaster V.Sinyavsky talks about the upcoming football game (synchronously).

Fans in the stands, among them - the announcer L.Hmara, athletes CSKA: Demin, V. Bobrov, G.Fedotov.

Running late run fans to the stadium.

A fragment of a football match.

Newsreel of the 1950-1960-s.:

Record of sportsmen CSKA

V.Kuts on the track of the international cross-country 'Humanite ", on the podium;

V.Kapitonov participates and wins in the international cycling race;

Speech Yu.

Vlasova weightlifter in the Olympics in Rome;

Speech L.Zhabotinskogo weightlifter in the Olympics in Tokyo and L.Zhabotinsky Yu.

Vlasov on the podium.

Olympic Games 1976 in Innsbruck: skier starts; bobsledder on the road, falling and rolling on the hill skier.

Skater E.Kulikov runs on the course finishes, signing autographs.

Speech Biathlon: N.Kruglova, N.Bazhukova, S.Saveleva V. Isayev and in international competitions friendly armies in Czechoslovakia.

International competition friendly armies in Havana: V.Rybakova boxing match with the Cuban boxer, motocross - G.Moiseev racer on the course.

Jogging for 20 kilometers - the athletes on the course B.Yakovlev at a distance, on the podium.

Moscow, Kalinin Avenue.

CSKA athletes at a reception at the Soviet Defense Minister Ustinov.

Acts Ustinov (synchronously).

Athletes listen, applaud.

Statement by Soviet paratroopers in international competitions - athletes in the air to perform acrobatic figures.

Performance in international competitions and gymnasts V.Markelova O.Korbut.

Multrabota - V.Lisitsky gymnast performs exercises on the bar.

Dance skaters Irina Rodnina and A.Zaytsev.

Viewing audience.

Newsreel 1958:

Playing skaters Stanislav Zhuk and Nina.

S.Zhuk coach and his student E.Vodorezova in training.

On the ice skaters perform M.Cherkasova and S.Shahray.

Soviet hockey players congratulate with a victory.

Newsreel 1948:

Hockey game at the stadium "Dynamo".

V.Harlamov, Petrov, Boris Mikhailov, V. Tretyakov and other CSKA players in training.

A.Firsov former hockey player coached young hockey players at the Children's Sports School of CSKA.

Son A.Firsova - Toll Firsov in training on the ice field.

Young gymnasts in training.

Coaches and V.Kardemilidi S.Muratova in training with the gymnasts.

Fencer V.Nazmylov with pupils.

Train weight lifters, boxers, cyclists.

Central Lenin Stadium.

Swim in the pool, jumping from sixth athlete, jump into the pool with a springboard;

Trained fighters.

Soldiers in the classroom for physical training - running, jumping, spinning a wheel.

Skiers on the course swimming divers, rowing competitions.

Troop of soldiers.

Soldiers in the classroom for climbing.

Skydivers jumping.

Closeups athletes army.

The parade of athletes at the stadium.

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