Pioneerhood 1978 № 6

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuseeva L.

Operators: Durandin V., Lebedev A., Skachkov I., Mirumyan A., Lomakin A.


1. The celebration of the birthday of the pioneer organization in the Lenin Hills in Moscow. 2. Young artist Lena Krashanovskaya of Pushchino in school and at home. 3. Young circus artists perform at Shchelkovsky cotton mill.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "birthday".

May 19, Moscow, Lenin Hills.

Solemn line to the birthday of the pioneer organization.

Buglers play (synchronous).

Pioneers marching, beat the drums, carrying banners, saluted.

From the rostrum says secretary of the Moscow Komsomol committee, the chairman of the City Council of the Pioneer organization LI Belova (synchronously).

War veterans at the festival pioneers.

From the rostrum of the hero of the Soviet Union, IN Kozhedub (synchronously).

Those listening to the pioneers and veterans.

Komsomol members, drummers labor commemorative ribbons attached to the pioneering banner.

Pioneer detachments (top view), guests on the podium.

Pioneer sound poetry (voice in the frame).

Octobrists give flowers to veterans.

LI Belov says the motto of the pioneers (synchronously).

Pioneers meet, saluted. 2. The plot of "I love to draw."

Moscow region, Pushchino.

Young artist Lena Krashanovskaya in the open air in the grove.

Lena talks about his school and love to draw (synchronous, voice-overs).

Pushchino Experimental High School.

There is a lesson in biology.

Lena paints the wall newspaper in the Pioneer room with other students.

Children draw.

Lena draws at home.

Lena exhibition in the lobby of the school, the students considered drawings.

Lena lesson goes to the board, students at their desks.

Lena talks about her high school sweetheart Vera (voice-over).

Faith in the studio with a jeweler makes jewelery.

Lena draws in the open air, at home.

Figures Lena. 3. The plot of "Our circus."

Moscow region, city Schyolkovo, circus studio.

Is training young circus.

Rehearse aerialists, acrobats.

Veteran Circus Viktor Smirnov working with children.

Diplomas and certificates large.

Territory Schelkovskogo cotton mill.

Young circus off the bus, go to the checkpoint.

The guys in the weaving workshop, work tools, weavers.

Canvas fabric.

Young circus act before the workers of factory.

Speakers clowns, gymnasts.

Clown on the wire.

Weaver smiling and applauding.


L.I.Belova I.N.Kozhedub VASmirnov


Moscow [820] Pushchino Schyolkovo

Childhood and youth; Society, social activities and community organizations; Education; Artists; Circus