Pioneerhood 1978 № 11

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuseeva L.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Kiselev A., Lovkov V., Bratash A.


1. Entry into the Young Communist League squad to the school board. 2. Students have practice on a sailing ship "Kruzenshtern". 3. Children folklore ensemble "Yaroslavl guys" under the direction of the vortex Alinarda.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "On the birthday of the Young Communist League."

Secondary school number 310 in Moscow.

Council meeting in the Pioneer squad room.

Discussed joining the Komsomol pioneer Anna Kozlova.

Pioneer Lena Ivanova tells about his girlfriend (synchronously).

Anna Kozlova talks about his motivation, answers questions (synchronously).

War veteran and pioneer ask questions Ana (synchronously).

Those present at the council voted unanimously congratulated A. Kozlov.

Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Inaugural Meeting of the 60th anniversary of the Young Communist League.

Pioneers take out a banner reading verses from the podium (synchronously).

Pioneers stand at attention.

Pioneers hold the letter "of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union."

Komsomol members applauded. 2. The plot of "With the dream of the sea."

Boys are engaged in the club for young sailors.

With the boys talking former student barque "Kruzenshtern" (synchronously).

Four-masted sailing training ship "Kruzenshtern" in the Baltic Sea.

The cadets have practice on the ship.

Cadets at the wheel, adjust the sails, deck wash.

Cabin boy climb the mast.

Cadet with the navigation device. students wash clothes on the deck, haircuts, preparing dinner.

Sailboats in the harbor, people walk along the promenade. "Kruzenshtern" at the port, tourists on board the barque.

Children meet down the ladder students, give them flowers.

Sailboat "Kruzenshtern" at sea. 3. The plot of "We play and sing."

On stage stands children's folklore ensemble "Yaroslavl guys."

Members of the ensemble sing ditties under the balalaika (synchronously).

Those listening to children in the audience.

Volga kinds of Yaroslavl, palace theater "Giant."

Photos of adult musicians from the ensemble "Yaroslavl guys" (1960).

Organizer school band Alinard Vikhrev rehearsing with children (synchronously).

The boy sings a ditty (synchronously).

Children playing on folk instruments, sing (synchronously).

Children's ensemble performs on the factory floor.

Children sing, listen to the workers.





Childhood and youth; Society, social activities and community organizations; Congress of the Komsomol organization; Sea and river transport; Military Education; Music