Soviet Sport № 8 VII Summer Olympics of the USSR: Relay. At the dais. Above ... ... more quickly ... (1979)

Newsreel №13541, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:42, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Artseulov O.
Camera operators:Gorbatskiy V., Artseulov O., Artseulov K., Buslaev U., Volkov V., Galin I., Goncharov L., Grezin V., Kiladze B., Lovkov V., Orzhekhovskiy U., Osipov I., Semin V., Skachkov I.


Special issue devoted to film chronicles the VII Summer Sports of the USSR.

Temporary description:

Lighting of the torch from the Games of the Eternal Flame. The opening ceremony of Games. Newsreels 1928: Opening and competitions I-th Games. VII Sports Contest - Sports Contest grand opening. Performance of actors and athletes at the stadium. Competitions in running, high jump. Speeches gymnasts, boxers, weightlifters, archers, equestrians, swimmers. 190-kilometer bicycle race.

Reel №1

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The Eternal flame at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin Wall.

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, lights the torch of the Games of the eternal flame, passed the torch to an athlete.

Moscow streets running athletes with a torch.

Athletes are flags and coat of arms of the USSR.

The stadium are columns Games participants in traditional costumes, are veterans of the sport.

Newsreels 1928:

Passing cars, tram.

Pointer "The stadium" Dynamo ".

Fans go to the stadium "Dinamo".

Parade participants first Games in Red Square - are the Soviet and foreign athletes.

The columns of foreign athletes - a sport.

Games emblem in the stands.

The street running athletes with a torch.

Olympics athlete lights the fire in a bowl on the Lenin Stadium.

At the stadium dancing representatives of the republics of the Soviet Union in national costumes; serve athletes.

Flying balloons; Olympics logo on the podium.

High jumper vaulting Trofymenko preparing to pounce.

Start relay at 10,000 meters runners on the course.

Jumps Trofymenko - Rapid.

Runners on the course, a group of leaders running athlete from Ethiopia I.Mirun;

I.Mirun at the finish.

K.Volkov athlete preparing for pole vaulting, takes a height of 5 meters 55 centimeters.

Trofymenko K.Volkova congratulates the victory.

Newsreels 1928:

High jump at the first Sports Day - vaulter jumps Ozolin athlete, another athlete jumps in height.

Viewing audience.

Athletes relax, warm up.

Newsreels 1928:

Runners warm up before the competition, athlete massage the feet.

Athletes preparing for the start, including athlete M.Shamanova.

Ready to start running world champion L.Kondrateva.

Fires the starting gun.

Legs athletes during the launch.

Newsreels 1928:

False start, participants return to the starting position.

A new start; athletes on the course.

The winner of the race - M.Shamanova.

Start Women's short track.

Runners on the course.

L.Kondrateva finish - Rapid.

L.Kondrateva after the finish.

Watching and applauding fans.

Newsreel 1928:

M.Shamanova on the podium.

M.G.Shamanova presents the award L.Kondratevoy.

Before the competition starts warming up N.Shaposhnikova gymnast, talks with coach S.Rastorotskim.

N.Shaposhnikova stands on a log.

Looks S.Rastorotsky.

Warming up before a competition gymnast H. Kim.

TV cameraman shoots.

H. Kim performs the floor exercise.

N.Shaposhnikova preparing for the next performance, performing exercises on the uneven bars.

S.Rastorotsky talks with coach H. Kim.

Alexander Dityatin gymnast performs exercises on the bar.

E.Azaryan gymnast performs exercises on the rings.

Alexander Dityatin E.Azaryan and watch the performances, talk with their coaches.

Alexander Dityatin performs a vault - Rapid.

E.Azaryan performs the floor exercise.

Alexander Dityatin perform exercises on horseback.

Alexander Dityatin and E.Azaryan on the podium.

190-kilometer bicycle race - riders on the cycle route in Krylatskoye.

Competitions archers - athletes, shoot, view the target.

The winner of the competition Bogatyrova autographs.

Riders on the course - and the lead A.Gusyatnikov V.Suhoruchenkov.

Fragments of the equestrian competitions - one on horseback to the obstacle, falling into the water.

Cyclists A.Gusyatnikov and V.Suhoruchenkov on the course, a group of riders on the course.

A fragment of a boxing match.

Riders on the course - uphill.

Competition in rhythmic gymnastics:

Gymnasts E.Tomas and I. Deryugin perform exercises with clubs and ribbon.

The audience is applauding.

Girl presents I. Deryugin flowers.

Cyclists on the course - different plans.

Swimming competitions - will start participating in the pool swim, swimmer on the course at the finish line, finishing first Yu Bogdanov.

Cyclists on the road.

Competitions in weightlifting:

Weightlifters Todorov (Bulgaria) and Vardanyan (USSR) on the platform raises the bar.

Cyclists on the distance - shot from the top point.

Cyclists on the last lap bicycle race.

Finish A.Gusyatnikov and other athletes.

A.Gusyatnikov among fans.

Closing ceremony of the Olympics - are athletes with banners; serve athletes.

Olympic emblem bears on the podium.

The inscription on the scoreboard, "See you in Moscow at the Olympic Games 80."

Multrabota - Olympic rings on the background of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin.

Reel №2

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Movie №0

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