Soviet Sport 1979 № 11 Salute to the TRP! Dear father. Best hockey player in Europe. That before ...?

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Khoryakov A.

Operators: Petrosov R.,Levitan A.


1. Final 6-th national championship all-round TRP. 2. Story about a gymnast Albert and Eduard Azarian Azarian. 3. Best hockey player in Europe - the captain of the Soviet Union Boris Mikhailov. 4. Section of swimming for infants.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. - Old newsreel competitions decathlon TRP: Athletes at the flag, an address field athletes at the stadium, swim, kayak, the athlete with a rifle, an athlete puts on a gas mask. Participants 6-th national championship for the decathlon at the stadium by the TRP in Alma-Ata. Girls bear flowers and fruit. Finish runners. Personnel swim in the pool. Warm up in the pool the main contenders for victory O. Chistyakov and NV Theological. Shooting Range. Running. Awards. Winners on the podium. 2 syuzh. - Father and son Azarian play backgammon. Awards Azarian senior. Old newsreel: Azarian Sr. serves on the rings, trains young gymnasts. Azarian, Jr., is engaged in gymnastics in the gym. E. Azarian, Jr. in training, speaking at the rings at the VII Sports Day, on the podium. Presentation E. Azarian identity of the candidate in the USSR Olympic team in Volgograd. 3 syuzh. - CSKA went on the ice. Fragments of the game. Hockey players on the bench watching the game. Newsreel world championship in 1969 in Stockholm: B. Mikhailov scored a goal. Awarding the prize. Mikhailov scored a goal. Awards. Say Kharlamov, Petrov, V. Tikhonov. Spectators in the stands. B. Mikhailov at home with his wife and son. 4 syuzh. - A husband and wife Konstantinovy with their children. His mother teaches infant baby swim. Pool "Moscow". Says pediatrician Guterman. Examination of the child. Children in the bathtub. Mothers and children in the water. Infants in the water.

Reel №1

1. Newsreel footage:

Athlete of the banner of the TRP.

Competition to deliver the standards TRP - a mass sprint, kayak, swim in the pool.

Footballer M. Sevenfold creep on their bellies, clothes mask.

Ballerina AO Lepeshinskaya shoots a rifle at a shooting range.

Stand Znamensky.

At the stadium in Almaty are, are parties to the final 6-th national championship all-round TRP.

Runners on the course.

Screaming kids, the fans.

Preliminary race - running a veteran sports 85-year-old NI Zolotov.

NI Zolotov talks with Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

Swimming competition - at a distance swimmers in the pool.

Before the swim warm up N. Theological and O. Chistyakov.

Finish O. Chistyakov and NV Theological.

A. Chistyakov and NV Theological at competitions in shooting at a shooting range.

Fans in stands with the results of the competition.

Cross - finish Theological N. and O. Chistyakov.

Leonov presents award O. Chistyakov.

Winners of awards at the podium.

2. World champion and Olympic champion in gymnastics, Albert Azarian with his son Edward Azaryan house playing backgammon.

Awards A. Azarian.

Newsreel 1960th years.:

A. Azarian performs on the rings, performs the "cross Azarian.

Applauding audience.

A. Azarian with his son for a walk in the fountains.

A. Azarian coached his son in the gym.

Statement by Edward Azarian on Sports Day students - perform exercises on the crossbar.

Eduard Azarian on training in the gym with his trainer Arakelian.

Statement by Edward Azarian at VII Sports Day of the USSR - performs exercises on the rings, "Azarian cross."

During the performance of A. Azarian son watches.

Gymnasts E. Azarian, A. Dityatin on the podium.

Evening plan Mamaev Kurgan.

Eduard Azarian - party gathering of future Olympians, hand witness of the candidate in the USSR Olympic team.

3. Hockey players of CSKA go on the ice.

Fragments of the game.

B. Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov, and other players on the bench.

Newsreel world hockey championship in 1969 in Stockholm:

Moments of the game; B. Mikhailov scores.

B. Mikhailov, award prizes for winning teams in different matches; B. Mikhailov is a bouquet of flowers.

Fragments of the match between CSKA and Spartak.

B. Mikhailov, presenting the award the best hockey player in Europe.

Hockey players A. Kharlamov, Petrov, the coach Tikhonov said about B. Mikhailov (synchronously).

Chanting fans in the stands.

B. Mikhailov with his wife and young son at home.

4. On winter street with a stroller are husband and wife Konstantinov.

Infant baby learn to swim in the bathtub.

The kid with his father in the swimming pool.

Children in the outdoor pool "Moscow" - filmed from the top point.

Pediatrician VA Gutterman said about the benefits of swimming for infants (synchronously).

Doctor examines baby; teach a child to swim in the bathtub.

Child wear a bathing cap.

The physician instructs a young mother.

Mothers with babies in the pool.

Women with infants in her arms down in an outdoor pool.

Swim babies.