Pioneerhood 1979 № 3

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Golovnya E.

Operators: Averbukh M., Tsitron V., Voinov O.


1. The 12th Moscow forum "Youth in the struggle for freedom and peace." 2. Puppet Theatre at the Moscow Palace of Pioneers. 3. Lesson zoology at the Leningrad school and visiting naturalists of the Zoological Museum of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Solidarity Day".

Children from different countries play, dance, walk.

Newsreel of the twentieth century: children in war zones, hungry children in Africa; Newsreel 8 February 1962: France, funeral boy Daniel Ferri, who was killed during a crackdown protest against the war in Algeria.

Moscow Regional Palace of Young Pioneers. 12th Moscow forum "Youth in the struggle for freedom and peace."

Children from Chile, Uruguay, living in the Soviet Union, talking about the fascist regime in their countries (synchronously).

Children chanting anti-war, revolutionary slogans (synchronously).

Pioneers with placards "Down with the junta," "We strongly condemn."

Pioneers presented with flowers peers from other countries.

Photos of happy children globe with children's parties. 2. The plot of "dolls live here."

Moscow Palace of Pioneers.

Performers are the guys from the puppet theater, a fragment of the play.

Guys sew costumes dolls, make dolls from papier-mache.

Children with puppets rehearse movement.

A rehearsal puppet show.

The guys set the scenery for the play.

A fragment of the puppet show "Bunny-Zaznayka."

Children in the audience. 3. The plot of "Lessons of Kindness".

Dog, cat and hamster live corner.

Winter boy walking with a dog and a porcupine.

Leningrad secondary school № 205. There is a lesson in zoology, a pupil at the blackboard with a guinea pig.

Zoological Museum of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Pupils consider exposure with stuffed penguins, elk.

The skeleton of a mammoth, mammoth sculpture.

Stuffed mammoth and photos from the excavation.

Stuffed animals from the Red Book.

Winter, the squirrel on the tree eating nuts, bullfinch in a manger, rabbit under the Christmas tree.

Roe deer are on the snow-covered slope.

Horses in winter forest.

Icicles, thawed, creek.

Bird in the nest on a tree.

Herd of horses running in the steppe.




Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] USSR [863]

Childhood and youth; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Theater; Geography and Nature; Museums and exhibitions; Flora and fauna