Pioneerhood 1979 № 6

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Operators: Sokolnikov L.


1. Admission to the pioneers in the square near the monument to Lenin in the city of Gorky. 2. Adopt border guards on the high school on the farm "Prikardonnik" (Moldova). 3. The house-museum of circus performers and Durovs Moscow theater beasts.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Where were the barricades."

The city of Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod), the types of area Sormovo.

Monument to heroes-revolutionaries in 1905.

Pioneers stand guard at the monument.

Museum of revolutionary worker PA Zalomova in the House of Pioneers.

Pioneers in the museum listening to the guide, the exposition.

The exhibition of children's drawings.

Pioneers go to the palace.

Pioneers meeting with war veterans L.F.Shisharinoy.

May 19 Deadline for the Pioneers.

Pioneer parade in the town square.

Pioneers beat the drums, playing on a mountain (synchronously).

Pioneer reads a poem (synchronously).

Monument to Lenin.

Veterans tie neckties Octobrists.

Pioneers saluted. 2. The plot of "The Pioneers of Transcarpathia."

Moldova, the farm "Prikardonnik."

Schoolyard, border guards communicate with students.

Sergeant Oleg Malishkin.

Rural Museum of the old way of life.

Pioneers are guided tours for border guards.

Former school, home of the poor and the rich, the other old buildings in the museum.

Well, dryer, oak doors.

Border guards and pioneers walk through the museum.

Children on trips to the border military unit.

The border guard show children weapon.

Sergeant Malishkin parses machine.

Children show how cross the border violators.

Utility Shepherd delays "intruder."

Children go to the border area with the border guards. 3. The plot of "The clown and animal trainer."

The circus clown acts with a dog.

Children with viewers.

Voronezh, house-museum of circus artist Anatoly Durov.

The guide tells about the brothers Durov (synchronously).

Children listen.

The exhibition, family photos Durov.

Newsreel beginning of the twentieth century: the urban theatrical procession, a crowd of people, Vladimir Durov in circus costume riding in a car with banners.

Moscow theater beasts, pioneers in the lobby.

Photos of Vladimir Durov trainer with animals.

The circus rehearsal.

Tamer working with bear, dogs.

Fragment of a circus performance.

Performers are trained bears and dogs.


P.A.Zalomov A.L.Durov V.L.Durov




Bitter Moldavia Moscow Voronezh

Childhood and youth; Society, social activities and community organizations; Military Education; Circus