Soviet Sport 1980 № 3 Our Olympians. At higher speeds. Boxing: USSR-USA. Feast of horsemen.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mostovoy P.

Operators: Artseulov O., Artseulov K., Bochkov, AF, Vorontsov AV, Golubov G., Lomakin-Rumyantsev, N. Solovyov


1. Movie portrait of Olympic champion in speed skating N. Petrusevoy. 2. USSR Cup motocross. 3. Boxing USSR-USA. 4. Holiday and event riders in the new equestrian complex CSKA.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. Newspaper reports from the portraits of Soviet athletes - prize-winners of the Olympic Games in Lake Placid: N. Petruseva, V. Zozulya and others. Meeting athletes at the airport: Petruseva in the family, gives an autograph. Runs N. Petruseva. Says N. Petruseva. 2 syuzh. Competitions for the Cup of the USSR on motocross. Start motorcycle racer. Winner - P. Rulev - on a pedestal. 3 syuzh. Match between Soviet and American boxers. In the ring appear K. Safin and R. Shannon, S. Konokbaev and D. Chambers, A. Koshkin, and E. Green, R. and A. REMOS Filimonov, D. Kruss, and V. Savchenko. 4 syuzh. The parade of horse-CSKA sports complex in honor of the opening of the complex. Classes at the shooting range, training swordsmen, horsemen.

Reel №1

1. Olympic Stadium in Lake Placid.

Passes the Soviet team, among the athletes attending konkobezhka N. Petruseva.

At Sheremetyevo airport taxi aircraft, the ramp down Olympic athletes returning from Lake Placid.

N. Petruseva kisses from her husband, is holding his son and gives autographs.

At the Dinamo stadium N. Petruseva preparing for the race at the USSR championship in speed skating, starts, goes the distance.

Interview of Petrusevoy (synchronously).

2. Motorcyclists are being prepared for launch.

Sport flags.

Motorcycle racer at the start, at a distance - different plans.

Leader of the competitions P. Rulev on the track; finish.

Racer tries to overtake Petrov P. helmsman.

Awarding of winners; P. Rulev handed the cup.

3. Judges boxing competitions.

Shoots cameraman, sitting coaches.

In the ring boxers flyweight weight Safin K., and R. Shannon.

The referee declares the winner of the C. Safina.

In the ring boxers first welterweight - S. Konokbaev and D. Chemberz.

S. Konokbaev with a trainer in between rounds.

D. Chemberz with the coach.

Judge declares S. Konokbaeva winner.

Athletes in the ring the second medium-weight AA Koshkin and E. Green, winner of the battle - Alexander Koshkin.

Boy RV Filimonov with World Cup winner A. Remos.

P. Filimonov is the rope after a heavy blow from an opponent.

The winner of the battle comes to an A. Remos R. Filimonov and his coach.

In the ring ex-world champion Vladimir Savchenko and D. Kruss.

Savchenko DI Krussu deals a heavy blow, DM Kruss falls - duel ends prematurely.

D. Kruss with his coach after the defeat.

4. Parade equestrians dedicated to the discovery of a new set of CSKA.

The building complex.

Halls complex: train fencers; training shooters of small-caliber pistol.

Loosens the sand on the arena.

Dress riders.

Derive from the stall horse.

The rider on the horse leaves the arena.

USSR Cup on equestrian sport:

Olympic champion Ye Petushkova on the Abakan perform exercises in dressage;

competition in show jumping - a rider on a horse to overcome obstacles.

E. Petushkova oversees the performance athlete.

Riders on horseback cross the barriers - different plans (from Rapid).

In the stall horse rider washes.