Soviet Sport № 7 Towards the Olympics start. Welcome to the Olympics! (1980)

Newsreel №13679, 1 part, duration: 0:10:00, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Rybakova A.
Camera operators:Averbukh M., Bochkov F., Buslaev U., Voinov O., Ermolaev L., Leongardt U.


1. Exercise rowing athletes - the candidates in the Olympic team. 2. Transfer of the Olympic flame at the border of Romania and the USSR. 3. Olympic facilities in Moscow. Review of pre-Olympic qualifying tournament. Accreditation of journalists. The opening of the Olympic Village. Olympic torch relay.

Temporary description:

1 syuzh. Training for Rowing candidates in the USSR Olympic team in the mountainous lake Treasury-Am in the Chechen-Ingushetia. Floating eight rowers. 2 syuzh. The border of Romania and the USSR. Transfer of the Olympic flame Romanian athlete P. Bolotnikov. P. Bolotnikov runs with the Olympic flame. 3 syuzh. Types of Olympic facilities in Moscow, Russia: Palace of Sports, Olympic village, hotel in Izmailovo, rowing channel. Preliminaries: boxing, equestrian sports (in favor IV Karachev), gymnastics (act A. Dityatin, N. Shaposhnikov), hammer throw (appears Yu Sedykh), others. The building of the press center Olympics-80: registration of journalists. Rally at the opening of the Olympic village. Performers are Promyslov, Novikov.

Reel №1

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1. Lake Kezen-Am in the mountains of Chechnya-Ingushetia.

Sport Base.

Athletes carry the boat to the lake.

Coach Yuri Malyshev instructs athletes rowers pair of two.

Coach Rozhkov monitors training rowers Quartet paired with digging and gives guidance to athletes.

It is worth Stroke Eight Maistrenko.

Eight training, the rowers in the boat.

Rowers train in the gym - do various physical exercises.

Eight floats from digging.

Coach of the boat watching the paddlers, said in a shout.

The boat floats boat - from the top point.

2. Waving flags.

Bridge on the border of Romania and the USSR.

The border of the USSR.

Romanian athlete N. Martinesku runs with the Olympic torch.

Stand in their national costumes girls Moldovan village Leush.

Ceremony of the Olympic flame - N. Martinesku lights the fire in the bowl, a Soviet athlete P. Bolotnikov lights a torch of fire in the bowl.

P. Bolotnikov runs with the torch.

Viewers are watching, applauding and dancing.

3. Panorama at Luzhniki.

Olympic emblem on Mayakovsky Square.

Showcase with Olympic banners.

New Olympic Sports Palace on Prospekt Mira.

Olympic Village - the street, at home.

Hotel in Izmailovo.

Rowing canal in Krylatskoe.

Overview of qualifying events in various sports:

competitions in boxing, cycling on the cycle track competition in Krylatskoye, horse competitions in the new complex in Bitza Park - a rider passes the track jumping, dressage competition - serves I. Karachev Said;

Soviet gymnast Alexander Dityatin the coach; A. Dityatin perform exercises on the crossbar;

N. Shaposhnikov gymnast performs exercises on the balance beam and floor exercise;

athletics competitions in the Luzhniki Stadium - the judges check the height of the bar, athletes preparing for the speech;

Yu Sedykh hurls a hammer, the judges measure the length of flight of the hammer;

preparing to jump athlete T. Bykov, jumps, overcomes a height of 1 meter 94 centimeters;

Women running for 100 yards - the first runs and finishes L. Kondratieff;

athletes K. Volkov, massaged his legs, K. Volkov, jumping from sixth, overcomes the bar of 5 meters 69 centimeters.

The Olympic Torch Relay - an athlete with a torch run along the highway with an escort car.

The building of the Olympic press center.

Accreditation of foreign journalists - different plans.

Journalist gets Olympic badge.

Grand opening of the Olympic village - the emblem of the Olympic Bear with bread and salt, is a military brass band.

At the grand rally at the Place des Nations are: Chairman of the Board Mossovet VF Promyslov, chairman of the Organizing Committee Olympic Games-80 "IT Novikov.

Soldiers sneaked flags; waving Soviet and Olympic flags.

Olympic torch relay - torchbearer replace each other, running torchbearer.


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