Pioneerhood 1980 № 6

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Golovnya E.

Operators: Skachkov I., Voroncov V.

Text writers: Sluckaya G.


1. Create a radio "Pioneer Dawn". 2. All-Union Week of children's films in Kiev. 3. Last call at the secondary school № 288 th in Moscow.

Reel №1

1. The plot of "Listen" Pioneer Zorka ".

Sound program and call signs leading voice (VO).

Shop metallurgical plant "Electrostal".

Stretching "Hi participants pioneering fusion."

Pioneers in helmets watching fusible metal work steelworkers.

Correspondent with a microphone talking with schoolgirls.

Sound engineer at the console on the bus.

The radio show "Pioneer Dawn", maps, and drawings on the walls.

Staffed station.

Letters to the Editor program listeners.

Editors apart the letters.

There is a record of the program, leading at the microphones.

The director of the program explains the leading problem (synchronously).

Artist Nikolay Litvinov in the air reading a poem by S. Marshak (synchronously).

Litvinov said the program "Pioneer Dawn" (synchronous).

Newsreel: Pioneers sit at the table in the recording studio, preparing for the airwaves.

2. The plot of "Do you love movies?", Kiev, All-Union Week of children's films.

Children crowded theater before, read the posters.

On the stage of the creators of children's films, playing the main roles in the movie "In my death I ask blame Klava K."

Vladimir Shevelkov, Hope Gorshkov.

Children clap, give flowers filmmakers.

Actors on the stage Elena Sanaeva and Rolan Bykov.

Portraits of the audience in the hall.

The screen fragment children's film "When I become a giant" with Michael Ephraim.

The young actor Mikhail Yefremov communicates with the audience (synchronously).

3. The plot of "Last Call".

Secondary school number 288 in Moscow.

Decorated the school gym.

Elegant graduates and students of junior classes with balls.

Teachers are awarded to graduates of evidence Octobrists presented with flowers.

Octobrists graduates read poetry (synchronously).

Graduates give flowers to teachers.

A graduate is a first-grader with a bell.

Graduates are waltzing.

Graduates go down the hall past the ranks of primary school students take the flowers.

Empty decorated gym, a little baby with balls.

Graduates go on the street.


N.V.Litvinov V.Shevelkov N.Gorshkova M.Efremov E.V.Sanaeva R.A.Bykov


Moscow [820] Kiev [933]

Media; Childhood and youth; Movie; Education