Soviet Sport 1981 № 10 Towards Winter Games. Meeting with Amilcar. Parade graces

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuseeva L.

Operators: Voinov O., Donec V. Ivanyuhin S. Krogis B.


1. Preparation of skaters for the Winter Games. 2. The plot of the veteran Latvian sports EV Kansk. 3. Competition in rhythmic gymnastics at the National Cup.

Temporary description

Preparation of the strongest skaters in the country's winter sports. Among the athletes: N. Petruseva, E. Kulikov, and others. Theme is the honored master of sports coach Riga Yacht Club Kansk. All-Union Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Tallinn. Among the participants of the competition: D. Kutkayte, J. Devin, E. Thomas. Award winners.

Reel №1

1. Group of skaters for a jog in the park.

Under the guidance of coach B. Muratov, trains a group of sprinters.

Coach A. Petrusev coached the women's team in skating.

Olympic champion NA Petruseva performs exercises with a barbell.

In the gym trains Olympic champion EA Kulikov.

Sport-Concert Complex named after Vladimir Lenin in Leningrad.

First All-Union competition in speed skating indoors.

Skaters in the race.

Starts, runs Kozlov.

Viewing audience.

TV cameraman shoots.

Finish Kozlov.

E. Kulikov, at the start, at a distance at the finish.

Placards with the results of races Kozlova, E. Kulikov, and P. Pegova.

Kozlov congratulate with the victory.

N. Petruseva starts, runs the 500 and 5000 meters, finishing.

Looks A. Petrusev.

Applauding audience

N. Petruseva gives autographs.

N. Petrusevu congratulate with the victory, handed the prize.

2. Coach Riga Yacht Club, a former race car driver EV Kansky at home.

Yachts in the sea.

Race car "Almikar" on the beach.

E. Kansky the car.

Pupil E. Kan yachtsman R. Leibowitz at the car.

Photography race car Kana "Almikar, R. Leibowitz found in a car junkyard.

E. Kansky and R. Leibowitz have repaired "Almikara.

The girl breaks the champagne bottle on the car.

E. Kansky and R. Leibowitz drive through the streets of Riga, enter the exhibition of antique cars.

Director of the exhibition conveys E. Kansk plaque.

E. Kansky tablet to the radiator car.

"Almikar" exhibition.

3. Gymnast E. Thomas feeds the gulls on the beach.

E. Thomas with his trainer on the quay.

Gymnast workout at the gym.

Exercises on the workout perform - J. Devine, D. Kutkayte.

Gymnasts talking.

Stand gymnasts - Participating countries Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Photographers in the hall.

Exercises with the tape carries I. Devine.

Gymnasts perform group exercises with a ribbon and ball.

E. Thomas performs exercises with the hoop.

Sitting judges.

Exercise with a skipping rope does D. Kutkayte.

I. Devine performs exercises with a rope, dropped the rope.

D. Kutkayte perform exercises with the tape.

Applauding audience.

Gymnasts on the podium.